60% of 15,000 Guj. govt offices do not have fire extinguisher, destroy the document

Dilip Patel

Gandhinagar, 10 June 2022

Important documents including pension and provident fund of 3.50 lakhs retired employees of Gujarat were gutted in a fire at the Pensioners-Provident Fund, Treasury and Control Office located at Block No. 17 of Secretariat, Gandhinagar.

In 2021, the state government was the biggest defaulter in the implementation of fire safety norms in the state capital. Of the total government buildings, 42% were found to be owned by government departments without fire clearance certificates. Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation announced in 2021. Not much has changed today. 22 buildings had equipment.

As 16 buildings do not have fire sprinklers, their details including their names were disclosed. From where government departments work. Birsa Munda Bhawan, Nirman Bhawan, Census Bhawan, Old Sachivalaya Block 1-18, STC Staff Training College, Gujarat Water Works Department, New Sachivalaya Block 1-7, New Sachivalaya Block 8-14, Patnagar Yojna Bhawan, Circuit House, Rest House Research institutes like Dandi Kutir, GPSC Bhawan, Police Bhawan, Krishi Bhawan and Board of Secondary Education, Gujarat Forensic Science Laboratory also did not have fire NOCs.

There are 33 districts, 40 RTOs, 250 taluks and offices of 34 government departments and 15,000 offices with 13,000 gram panchayats are associated with government work. Most of these do not have any arrangement to extinguish the fire and if there are means, they are not working. It is believed that 60 percent of these are such offices. The retired officer said. 350 government web addresses and 22,000 e-mail addresses belong to government officials and offices.

Some offices did not even have fire extinguishers.

On June 8, 2023, on behalf of the Congress, the government was accused that the repeated incidents of fire in the government offices of the secretariat and the destruction of important documents are an experiment or a coincidence? The BJP government should answer. Another incident of fire in various blocks of old secretariat is part of destruction of documents-evidence of corruption-malpractice-scam or what?

Ask the sitting judge of the High Court to investigate frequent incidents of fire in important offices including the old secretariat. Congress demanded that

Incidents of fire in the Secretariat have also come to the fore in the past.

Below the assembly was the telephone exchange of the government. From where every officer’s call comes out. Record is kept. That too was burnt to ashes.

15 government buildings, including the new and old secretariats, did not have fire NOCs, and the BJP government often claims they are safe, and on the other hand, important documents and evidence are being systematically destroyed in case of fire.

The state government has allocated Rs. Rs 29 crore is given for the construction of district buildings and Rs 2.5 crore is given to the taluka panchayat. Former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced that in 2021, Gujarat has become a model state by modernizing government offices as corporate buildings.

The newly constructed District Panchayat building was inaugurated in Morbi at a cost of Rs 27 crore. New panchayat buildings have been constructed in 20 districts.

The offices where important government documents including stamp duty, land office are kept have become subject of fire due to lack of fire safety. Despite the incident of fire in the office in the past, why did the government system fail? Although important files including many important government documents are kept in the office, but no fire safety facility is visible. There is no arrangement as per fire safety rules.

The formality is completed by applying a fire extinguisher or cylinder. Some cylinders have expiry date. Government officials do not learn lessons even from past incidents of arson. Exposed electrical wires are posing a danger.

The four-storey building lacks fire fighting facilities as per the guidelines of the Government Fire Department. There is also no watchman to guard the office till 10 am and after 7 pm or on holidays. No one is ready to take care of the entire building.

Recently, there was a fire in the stamp duty office located in the building.

Gan Seva Samiti Mandal

On May 8, 2023, there was a fire incident in the Karmayogi Bhawan, the office of Gan Seva Samiti Mandal, located in Gandhinagar. The fire was actually started or started. Exam papers would often get torn, dummies would come out, bunches of duplicate certificates would come out. Gujarat’s Jwari Kand is bigger than Vyapam Kand. Somewhere in the investigation, fire is set or set so that the evidence does not come to the fore, the involvement of big gangsters does not come to the fore. The government should set up a SIT headed by a high court judge to investigate all the recruitments done in the last 27 years. The opposition had demanded that the evidence be burnt.

Burned the files in the Secretariat and came to Gaurav. There is no file in the secretariat, the future of Gujarat is burnt, if this happens in every department, then corruption will increase. If this happens in every department then officers will get open ground for corruption.


On May 7, 2023, a sudden fire broke out in the switch board in the NREGA office of the District Rural Development Agency located at Bahumali Bhawan, out of 10 offices in Himmatnagar city, the headquarters of Sabarkantha district. The fire was brought under control and a major accident was averted.

Development commissioner

On October 14, 2022, a fire broke out in the office of Development Commissioner, Block No. 16, Gandhinagar Secretariat. The fire broke out in the old secretariat office before it opened in the morning. When the fire broke out, the office was empty as no employee or officer of the office Kari was not present. There was extensive damage to documents, government papers, furniture and digital equipment in the office. The reason behind the fire is not yet known. Many years old records also came in the grip of fire.

In Mehta Jivraj Bhawan, had reached the third floor in no time. crores of corruption documents of congress

In the old secretariat fire incident, documents and files of corruption worth crores were burnt to ashes. An impartial inquiry was demanded by the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee under the supervision of a renowned High Court judge. Important documents and records of financial assistance in 18 thousand villages got burnt in the fire. Precious documents were destroyed and there was no damage to the officers’ office. After pouring 50 thousand liters of water, the rest of the documents also got wet.

Congress – Fire in Garib Kalyan Mela formerly held in commissioner’s office, complaint against Gujarat panchayat officials, provision of action on district panchayat officials, action on superseding or dissolution of village-taluka-district panchayat, air travel of panchayat president The files of documents including permission of taluka-district panchayat, pre-approval for purchase of vehicles from own funds have been exhausted.

AAP, Manoj Sorthia – No work has been done on the ground of rural development in Gujarat. But government files show that the work has been completed. The files of the works done on paper used to be in this section. BJP has wasted crores of rupees in the name of village development. These files have been burnt so that all the details of corruption are not revealed. Where does the money of the budget of 2.5 lakh crores go? Development is not visible far and wide in the villages. Within that section were files with complete information. Corruption in Gujarat is a conspiracy. Bring it in front of the public and tell the public which were the files that got burnt. BJP does not have any account of his work in 27 years of Gujarat, so BJP is trying to burn important documents like this.


On November 9, 2022, the government records were burnt to ashes due to fire in Rajkot RTO office. HSRP number plate part caught fire in the license branch. In the fire, the company’s laptop, printer and two computers owned by the government for other online functions were gutted. There were old applications, old receipts have been burnt.

2021 Gandhinagar

On November 9, 2021, a fire broke out in the Gandhinagar District Panchayat office and many important documents were burnt to ashes. Suddenly there was a fire in the morning. The exact cause of the fire was not revealed. A massive fire broke out in the statistics building of the Gandhinagar district panchayat building. In which important documents were burnt. In which records of two departments and twelve computers were burnt. The BJP’s attempt to avoid the multi-crore scam is well known.


There was a scam of thirty thousand crores in GSPC, documents worth crores of rupees were burnt in fire in Gujarat Petroleum Corporation, no investigation or details of which have been revealed till date. In the past, incidents of Rs 30,000 crore scam in GSPC, fire in the office and burning of documents worth crores of rupees have come to the fore, but no investigation or details have come to the fore till date.


On 13 November 2022, a government record and a complaint of setting Sarsaman on fire was lodged against an unknown person at the Kanjari Gram Panchayat office of Halol, Panchmahal.

2020 Paraman

On September 6, 2020, a fire broke out at the Piramna Gram Panchayat office in Ankleshwar, along with government documents and other items. All the government documents were also burnt to ashes in the fire.


On October 17, 2017, a fire broke out at the Vadodara collector’s office. This was the second fire in a row. Earlier in May there was a fire in the collector’s office. The cupboard and files were gutted in the fire. In relation to fire safety, when the corporation imposes fine on the builder or a huge building, then how did the accident happen despite having fire safety equipment here? Due to lack of knowledge about its use, the fire became more dreadful.



On 12 June 2018, a mysterious fire broke out in a quarter near Shroff Road where the records of the Rajkot taluka panchayat office were kept. The city administration remained silent on TD’s admission that some literature was destroyed in the fire and flood. The system extinguished the fire that started on the holiday. Where some records were made recently. Some important records have been burnt in the fire or deliberately burnt. The truth does not come out after the system checks the remaining records.

Peanuts caught fire

In 2018, after the peanut scam of 4 thousand crores, doubts have arisen regarding the incident of fire in government offices and godowns. The groundnut scam had its roots in the Chief Minister’s Office. Peanuts worth lakhs were gutted in a fire at the Shapar-Veraval groundnut godown. The fire was not in the warehouse but in the hearts of the farmers. The conspiracy of arson was hatched to hide the corruption and get the hard earned money of the farmers.

Hired by Gujkot, it came under fire on 6 May 2018 after unearthing a groundnut scam involving over Rs 4 crore procured at 29,000 times the support price. The mystery of the earlier fire in the godown has not been solved yet. Why has the investigation report not come till date in this groundnut scam in Rupani district?

Groundnut bought for the support price of Rs 36 crore was burnt in Gondal’s godown. The evidence of the scam was destroyed. 10 crores in Gandhidham, 36 crores in Gondal, 4 crores in Jamnagar and groundnut in Kutch in Shapar-Veraval was lit Peanuts have not been burnt like this since 2018.


Eleven years ago following a submission to the Gujarat High Court regarding fire safety features in multi-storied buildings in Ahmedabad, the court ordered the strict implementation of preventive fire protection systems. Hence.

There is lack of fire safety in government offices including Palanpur. It is like digging a well when it is on fire.

At present fire extinguishers are installed in government buildings. Fire fighting cylinders have been hung in district panchayats to prevent fire. It has to be refilled in two years. Which is not happening. Some places have such cylinders since 1996.

There is gross negligence of R&B and Panchayat regarding fire safety. Many government buildings including the collector’s office do not have fire safety facilities.

The High Court is equally serious about preventing major losses due to fire incidents in the state and has been cracking down on the government and municipalities over fire safety for some time now. But the facade works quite well as if the government and the system are not serious about it.

The government itself is careless about fire safety.

A notice has been issued to provide fire safety facilities to government office buildings in metropolitan area as per rules. NOC has provided fire protection in corporation building as well as in zonal offices. Have received.

If the building has a basement or any floor with a construction area of 500 meters or more, then it is mandatory to take a fire NOC.

On 19 May 2022, a fire broke out in the government office of Uchhal in Tapi.

20 death

20 people died in a fire at Takshashila Arcade in Surat’s Sarthana area. After the Surat incident, 713 teams of 2055 officers carried out survey operations in cities across Gujarat. During this operation 9395 buildings did not comply with fire safety. He was given a fire safety notice. In Surat, 1524 buildings were inspected and notices were issued to 123 buildings.


On August 6, 2020, eight COVID-19 patients lost their lives in a fire at Shreya Hospital in Ahmedabad.