Lomesh’s involvement in Guj. Ecology Commission’s Children’s Project Scam

Gandhinagar, May 15, 2024 (Google translation from Gujarati)

Lomesh Brahmbhatt KJ Gandhinagar is a senior project manager in the Ecology Commission. He used to make all the payments for the children’s nutrition park built under the world’s tallest Sardar statue. He had an administration of crores of rupees.

As soon as the Children’s Nutrition Park scam came to light, it is now being discussed all around.

In March 2019, the contract to build a theme-based outdoor interpretation children’s nutrition park at the Statue of Unity was given to Meroform Company of Noida, Uttar Pradesh for Rs 7.66 crore, the work of which was completed in five months i.e. in October 2019. Eventually the bill reached 31 crores, which was paid by revising the contract project. When the matter came to the notice of CMO officials, they were also shocked and there was a smell of a big scam in it that they have sought clarification from the officials in this matter. Investigation was done. But no action was taken.

Mere Farm has paid more than the fixed amount to the company. Due to overpayment, the environment in Gandhinagar Ecology Commission has become polluted. Why Rs 9 crore was paid to Mer Farm, this question has now arisen, which Lomesh Brahmabhatt will have to answer.

The company had a salary expenditure of 12 to 13 lakhs. However, they got Rs. 9 crores were given. It will be investigated why such a huge amount was given and why other big expenses were made. R Square Company used to supply manpower to Mere Farm Company. Its contract was given to R Square.

Mere Farm Company was preparing to be blacklisted on this issue. Gangasharan wanted to be blacklisted. Explained to him with all his ability. But if the company is blacklisted, then Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not give him Lothal Museum. In such a situation, some officials saved the company from being blacklisted.

The entire matter was informed to Forest Minister Mukesh Patel. Mukesh Patel had fired several officials in the case of 3 crores. But no action was taken.

If Mer Farm had been blacklisted, R Square would also have gone. The owner of this Square company is Brahmabhatt who was saved by Lokesh Brahma Bhatt.

Sanjay Anand went to convince some officials of the Ecology Commission. But he did not agree on this issue. Hemal Kondhiya of the Ecology Commission drew the attention of the government to all these issues. A notice has been given again on 22 May 2024.

Not only Chief Minister Mukesh Patel but also Congress party leaders Amit Chavda and Arjun Modhwadia were aware of this scam. MLA and Lok Sabha election candidate from Bharuch seat Chaitar Vasava was demanding action on this issue. Officials of the Chief Minister’s Office were also involved in this scam, so he was aware. However, it seems that these officials have not informed Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, his secretary or Kalash Nathan. Therefore, if this matter had reached the Prime Minister, action would have been taken.

This is how Lomesh saved the company. And this company got the Lothal Development project worth Rs. 100 crore.

Who is Lomesh Brahmabhatt?

He has links with RSS. He is associated with the Sangh’s organization Seema Jagran Manch. There is also a photo of him wearing Sangh’s dress on Facebook. He himself follows big leaders of Gujarat BJP on his Facebook. Many BJP and Sangh officials and workers follow him.

BJP and Sangh relations

Minister Mukesh Patel needs to be warned. Because there is a rumor of Mukesh Patel becoming a partner. Complainant Lomesh is a partner. Lunch with Mulubera and dinner with Mukesh Patel. Lomesh propagates this. Active in RSS. His back is his strength. He has a relationship with the Sarhad Bachao organization.

Wrong work was given
Forest and Environment Department Secretary Gayatri Dave wrongly recruited Lomesh and Nischal Joshi through contract and other means. Yet they have been made permanent. In special cases, there were contract employees without recruitment rules. If they have to be made permanent, they have to be published in the government gazette. No such official gazette has been issued. Recruitment has been done wrongly. Not eligible for the post, but given the job. The government has tampered with the appointment of Nischal Joshi and Lomesh Brahmbhatt. In special cases, there were contract employees without recruitment rules. Which the government knows very well.
No complaint was made
A wrong complaint has been lodged with the police in the Rs 12 lakh scam in Chiltern Park, even though the complainant had to be suspended, he has not been suspended till date. The complainant should have been suspended but was not suspended. Lomesh Brahmbhatt has signed the cheque. Rs 12 lakh was paid on the basis of this cheque, but no immediate action was taken against him. Lomesh was saved by Sanjeev Kumar. Hemal Kondhiya drew the attention of the government on all these issues.

Waghodeya MLA Dharmendra Vaghela, Harsh Sanghvi and Forest Minister Mukesh Patel themselves saved Lomesh Brahmbhatt. Because Lomesh comes from the Sangh.

A project is going on in Goa in partnership with many politicians. A private investigation is going on through the government. Hemal Kondhiya of the Ecology Commission drew the attention of the government on all these issues.

There was a clash with the police in Vadodara.

Police complaint against Lomesh

A police complaint has been received regarding driving in Vadodara in August 2020. Police officer Maganbhai Jhala of Pratapnagar police station in Vadodara filed a complaint against Lomeshkumar Pratap Brahmbhatt and his wife Bhairavi. He then lived in B-103 Jagannath Puram Society, Lalbaug near Manjalpur Vadodara. Bullied the police and spoke dirty words. The police was hit with a metal water bottle in hand. The policeman was grabbed by the collar and beaten up while scuffling. The police removed the name plate. Lafa was beaten. He threatened to kill me if he met me again. A crowd had gathered. People downloaded the video and made it viral.

He got bail within 12 hours.

The same charges have been leveled against Lomesh that the government had leveled against Aam Aadmi Party MLA and Bharuch Lok Sabha seat candidate Chatar Vasava. However, Chatar Vasava had to stay in jail for 50 days. He had to leave after 50 days.

Does Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi have four hands?

The BJP government is using Sanjeev Kumar to hide corruption. So that the government does not get defamed. Take action. Grant of 25 crores last year.

A special program on chair awareness was organized by Lomesh in Karanj Primary School located in Kantha area of ​​​​Olpad taluk in 2024.

The Gujarat government should investigate all the tasks given to the chairmanship of the Ecology Commission. In which many wrongdoings have been done, it is coming to light.

The Gandhi project was thwarted

The Gandhi project of Rs. 25 crore was initially thwarted by Lomesh. A green memorial was to be built near Dandi by the Union Ministry of Forest and Environment, involving 6 villages. 12 years ago it was supervised by Lomesh Brahmbhatt. Even after two years, he has not prepared the master plan.

Six gram panchayats and Gujarat Ecology Commission were functioning. GEC and Gujarat Vidyapeeth were doing public awareness. Despite the provision of spending up to Rs 5 crore in two years, this money was not spent.

Nani Kakrad has been declared a wetland of national importance by the central government and no one knows where its grant is being used. A grant of Rs 8 crore more was sought.

Solar lights were installed but they were not working then. Dandi and Matwad ponds were not constructed and renovated. Lomesh Brahmbhatt did not listen to the villagers. No concrete work was done. The project for the development of Gandhi Memorial has been prepared by IIT, Mumbai, but it is not known where it is stuck.

Important officials of the Ecology Commission

Member Secretary, IFS S. H. Mahesh Singh,

Director-Additional Charge, IFS G. S. Singh,

Senior Manager Project, In-charge Lomesh Brahmbhatt

Ecology Manager Lomesh Brahmbhatt Manager

Sub-Accountant Mohsin A. Sheikh