Disaster friendly training in 15 disaster affected districts of Gujarat

A meeting of the Parliamentary Consultative Committee on “Disaster Management” was held at Kevadiya in Narmada. The budget for disaster management has been increased by 122% in the last eight years. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs, along with NDMA and NDRF, provides logistical and financial assistance to states during natural calamities.

Suggestions have been sought from the members of the committee for amendment in the Disaster Management Act-2005. This was taken care of during the construction of the city in ancient times in India.

Early warning system through innovative technologies like SMS, mobile app and portal has been developed to give early warning of natural calamities to the people. The ‘Common Alert Protocol’ project is being implemented across the country. so that early warning can be given.

For the first time, a National and State level Mitigation Fund has been set up, with an allocation of Rs 13,693 crore for the National Disaster Mitigation Fund and Rs 32,031 crore for the State Disaster Mitigation Fund for the period from 2021-22 to 2025-26 .

The NDRF is being strengthened, modernized and expanded across the country, making it imperative to train the State Disaster Response Forces and the local community in disaster response. The National Cyclone Risk Reduction Project (NCRMP) is being implemented in 8 coastal states with a total provision of Rs. is 4903.

Disaster management is done through public participation in the disaster management plan. Under the Apadamitra programme, 1,00,000 community volunteers are being trained in disaster response and preparedness in 350 disaster-affected districts. 15 districts of Gujarat are affected by the disaster. On an average 285 people are being trained under Apadamitra in each district.

List of Coastal Districts of Gujarat
1). Raw

2)). Morbi

3)). Jamnagar

4)). Devbhoomi Dwarka

5). porbandari

6). Junagadh

7). Gir-Somnath

8). Amreli

9). Bhavnagar

10). Ahmedabad

11 1). Pleasure

12). bharuch

13). face

14). Navsari

15). valsadi

406 kms in Kutch district of Gujarat. (It is the district with the longest coast.)