Canada as partner of Gujarat Vibrant, has not started helicopter taxi in 10 years

Gandhinagar, 1 December 2020

Skyline Aviation Company of Canada, the fourth largest airline in the world. The company produces 23-seater unique helicopters. The company was to start helicopter taxi service with 3 helicopters in and around Gujarat. For this, an MoU was announced in Gujarat 10 years ago in 2010. The helicopter was expected to employ disaster management, police departments and some helicopters. Former Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi became famous worldwide and surpassed the name of Canada. But in 10 years of the announcements made in Vibrant, nothing happened.

Total 12 Canadian companies

The 12 Canadian companies joining the Vibrant Gujarat Summit as partner countries were to invest in various regions of Gujarat. Canada has bilateral trade agreements with India. The Canadian government was also supposed to bring companies from Gujarat into their country. Nobody came. For this, negotiations were going on with 8 companies in Gujarat’s oil and gas sector. Who were willing to invest in Canada.

Indian-origin MP Devinder Shourie, who was with Canadian businessmen, said the University of Saskatchewan would sign an MoU with Gujarat in the field of education. The agreement included a student exchange program and research. En Wire, a leading Canadian biomass fertilizer company, will invest ₹ 20 million in Ankleshwar GIDC as a pilot project. The company has its own patented technology.

GIDC also had to make some purchases from the manure manufactured by the company. This was to be given to the farmers as part of social responsibility. The company was to invest in other cities after the success of the Ankleshwar project. But nothing happened other than fame.

“Companies in Gujarat and India want to invest in Canada, energy, oil and gas, agriculture, minerals, uranium and potash, and are in talks with Indian companies,” Alex L., director of the Canadian government’s investment attraction .A said. but nothing happened.