Amit Shah do not just look at YOUR area, these are the questions of Gujarat Railway

Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah inaugurated a high level platform, booking counter, railway under bridge at Chandlodia railway station. Inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for various development works of Western Railway.


“There is no railway gate anywhere in Chandlodiya,” Shah said. The work of upgradation of Chandlodia platform at a cost of Rs.2 crore has also been completed. The estimated cost at Sabarmati Railway Station is Rs. The construction of a bridge under the road and a waiting room for passengers at a cost of Rs.15 crore will cost about Rs. It has been prepared at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore. A foot over bridge will be built in Chandlodia to go from one platform to another. Underbridges will be built at three places at a cost of Rs 18 crore. In the last three years, three railway crossings were removed as overbridges or underpasses in 2019-20, four railway crossings in 2020-21 and three railway crossings in 2021-22. Thus, in the last three years, 10 railway underpasses or overbridges have been constructed to free the area from railway crossings. 10 trains will be standing. 33 crore works of Railway Department have been completed in Chandlodia.

Shri Shah said that the development of railways in Gujarat is happening uninterruptedly. In the period 2009-14, during the tenure of the previous government, Rs 590 crore was spent annually for railways in Gujarat. In the 8 years from 2014 to 2022, an average of Rs. Four thousand crores has been given. Gandhinagar will be the most developed Lok Sabha constituency in the country. C

But what about other areas of Gujarat?

,The foundation stone of the high speed railway line between Mumbai and Ahmedabad was laid on 14 September 2017.

The 565 km stretch of Gujarat passes through the 1500 km Fad Corridor. The work of 54 bridges, 88 road over bridges is nearing completion.

There are 7 battery operated vans at 4 stations.

Emergency medical room has been started in Surat.

vending machines

465 toilets, 6 thousand benches, 3 thousand drinking water taps, 25 escalators, 325 ramps, 61 lifts, 39 waiting rooms, 38 new booking offices, lighting at 110 stations, 202 cover sheds, 89 FOBs, 101 water wedding machines, 55 waiting rooms,

No air conditioned waiting room.

An Automatic Coach Washing Plant for Mainline Coaches at Single Location Depot at Vadodara, Bhuj. Nothing else

Disabled toilet 2.

Quick Train Watering System has been installed at only 3 stations.

Dirty toilets are seen during the journey in the train, which causes a lot of trouble to the passengers. Travelers are also at risk of infection. Mechanical Engineer is the responsibility of Additional Divisional Railway Manager.

A railway culvert has been built in Dungdol village of Dhanera taluka but it has been flooded.

A new railway line of 121 km has been laid. Work is going on on 136 kms.

Doubling of railway line to 412 kms. Work is going on on 547 kms.

227 km gauge has been converted. Work is going on for 518 kms.

The electrification of the railway line is 1082 km.

Vadnagar has built a new railway station. Chhayapuri railway station of Vadodara was constructed. Gandhinagar new railway station

The new railway company has formed Gujarat Rail Infrastructure Development Limited. Regional railway system, Ahmedabad Dholera Rail High Speed ​​and Metro Rail are to be constructed around Ahmedabad and other cities.

56 new platforms built

121 increased platform length

167 increased platform height

Electronic Interlocking System introduced at 137 stations

272 Mobility Barriers Removed

The speed of trains running between Mumbai to Ahmedabad track has increased to 130 kmph. Now 160 kms will be done.

All unmanned cracks on broadgauge removed

80 made road over bridge

552 became road underbridge

1500 rail crossing gate or unmanned rail crossing closed.


557 CCTV cameras installed at 21 stations

Body cameras installed at 95 stations for RPF personnel

Baggage scanners installed at 9 stations


Wi-Fi at 313 stations

Online booking of rest rooms at 22 stations

Coach Guidance System at 22 Stations

Goods trains run at a speed of 41.8 kmph

Operation of 30,377 Rex freight trains


558 Operation of Parcel Rack

Transportation of 1.35 lakh tonnes of milk in 184 rakes

Kisan train at Amalsad, Dhoraji, Mahuva

4 Goods Shed Improved.

Train service between Bharuch-Jambusar restored after 15 years

Western Railway Headquarters

The BJP had made several representations to the central government to set up the Western Railway headquarters in Ahmedabad. Sabarmati railway station may be the headquarters. But after becoming the Prime Minister, he is doing injustice to Gujarat.

Starting 25 new trains and increasing the frequency of 12 trains in the state – expanding the route, developing 14 new railway lines, converting 8 lines to gauge and 17 railway lines to gauge. To utilize the underutilized land of the Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar railway corridors for the metro project. Half of it didn’t work.

Many railway lines in Gujarat have not become broad gauge. Some routes are not double lines.

bullet train

No action has been taken on the High Speed ​​Rail Project-Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Pune corridor.

In relation to the land acquisition of 158 villages of farmers for the bullet train, it was demanded that the amount of compensation should be according to the value of the land in that area which is currently in the market. It is going on and not as per the fixed Jantri of 2011. Also, Gujarat compensation amount of compensation should not be paid according to the Land Acquisition Act of the State Government but according to the Land Acquisition Act of the Central Government. No announcement has been made in the 2020 budget to pay that money.

The railway overbridge under construction in Vadodara’s Ranoli for 5 years has not yet been completed. People’s problems have increased. The patience of the villagers has also been broken. The villagers protested and demanded the completion of the bridge at the earliest.

The semi-high speed corridor between Ahmedabad and Vadodara has been approved and the work on it will start soon. This track will also be part of the semi high speed corridor between Mumbai and Delhi. The upgrade of the track between Ahmedabad and Vadodara will also reduce travel time.

Pipavav stopped the goods train by planting a tree on the railway track, went on a fast.

MLA Ambareesh Dhar was taken into custody for conducting rail stop agitation at the railway station in Amreli’s Rajula.

Farmers from three taluks are protesting against the construction of a new railway line between Somnath and Kodinar. Valuable agricultural land of about 1500 farmers is being cut. At least 300 farmers are on the verge of extinction as account holders.

If 40 km long goods rail line is laid from Hazira to Gothan, then the land of these 14 villages will be cut. 275 block numbers for the acquisition of 85 hectares of space will come into effect.

People started a legal battle against the insistence of getting Visavdar out of the broad gauge railway line.

Non-stop express movement stopped at Dhanera railway station, five express trains run Most of the trains are stopped for 10 minutes at the crossing.

People of the foothills of Mehsana, agitation if the design of the drains in the railway corridor is not changed

He demanded that a special train be provided to the devotees of North Gujarat to reach Ramdevpara.

There is a demand for stoppage of the train at Halwad railway station.

Passengers are facing problems due to a single ticket at the railway station in Morbi.

The Porbandar-Rajkot-Porbandar train was running via Bhanvad-Canalus. Passengers are finding it difficult to close it.

Due to the closure of Okha-Viramgam local train, daily commuters of nearby villages are facing problems.

Porbandar-Canalus Shuttle Train should be diverted to Platform No. 2 as this train has a stoppage of 3 hours. At present, the passengers of Saurashtra Mail train are facing problems.

All weekly trains originating from Okha-Somnath-Okha, Okha stop at Canalus.

bogie indicator closed at dwarka railway station: huge crisis on tourists

The condition of Indian Railways has deteriorated and there is no money to pay pension.

The movement was started to restart the narrow gauge train running between Bilimora and Waghai for 110 years. A sit-in was held at the Rankuha railway station in protest against the closure of the train. The lifeline of the tribes is the same train that started during the time of Sayajirao Gaikwad.

In Bhildi taluka, railway gates are often closed and people find it difficult to walk.

Navsari Railway Station generates revenue of Rs 12 crore annually. Three local trains closed, trouble for 30 thousand passengers

When the railway department closed the gate, the people of Amiyad village of Borsad staged a stop rail agitation.

In Vadodara, early in the morning, the railway system delayed Mataji’s delay and the dargah was demolished.

Demand to open Uttarsanda railway overbridge as soon as possible


Accelerate the work of laying the third railway line between Ahmedabad-Mumbai. 120 trains depart. Since there are two lines, the traffic load of the trains increases the travel time, if the signal is not received, the trains have to stop for half an hour.

There is a serious problem of jam at Maninagar Railway Gate, Naroda, Ghorasar Puneetnagar in Ahmedabad. The demand for building an overbridge on this railway gate was going on for years.

Ahmedabad Railway Station! There is no escalator on platform 11. There is an escalator outside to get to the first platform of the station. All other 12 platforms do not have escalators. Passengers have to climb stairs.

Traps, children, the elderly and disabled passengers suffocate as they cross the 12 platforms. When it is late, crowded and the train is about to start, passengers risk their lives to catch the train. In such a situation, there is a demand of passengers that escalators should be provided instead of CDO on all 12 platforms of Ahmedabad station.

Controversy over the naming of the bridge: A plaque bearing the name of Sant Rohidas Bridge was struck just before the inauguration of the Naroda Railway Overbridge on 8 June.

Demand is being made to make arrangements to get confirmed tickets for every passenger.

There are fewer trains between North India and Mumbai. Travelers are not only forced to travel like sheep and goats but they are also exploited.


Surprisingly, even after 9 years of independence, passengers do not get a confirmed ticket in the train. Open rail tracks become dangerous, due to railway gates, traffic jams have become railway gates in smart city Ahmedabad. On the other hand, most of the railway tracks passing through the city are open. There is no wire fence. that there is no wall. In such a situation, the incidence of accidents increases.

A new train will be run from Surat to Ayodhya.

A new train will be run from Surat to Patna.

Mumbai Central Bhagalpur Special trains will be regularized.

New train will start from Surat to Ranchi Jharkhand

Udhna Danapur Express should be made daily.

Shramik Express runs daily.

Surmuzaffarpur Express should be made daily.

Route of Bandra Jhansi Express to be extended up to Bandra Gorakhpur.

dirt on railway track

Rail tracks have become a playground for citizens, people come for evening walks, it has also become a place of natural needs.

Railway tracks and railway premises are in a dilapidated condition.

The railway gate in Dholka ta Arnej village has been closed by the central government.

There was a demand for giving train stop to Jamwantali railway station.

Complaint can be lodged by calling 138

A security complaint can be made at 182.

Complaints can be made by SMS to +919717680982.

The complaint can be tweeted on ailRailMindia.

Railway complaints online, police station complaints not online, why?


The work of converting the railway line from Jetalsar to Dhasa from meter gauge to broad gauge is going on for the last two years. It is mainly used for leveling the soil. Amidst the dusty mounds, the fear of crop failure persists as roads weaken as heavy vehicles ply pavements and soil on muddy roads.

The people of Saurashtra-Kutch have got nothing but false assurances in every rail budget.

There is no train connecting monasteries like Somnath and Dwarka to other parts of the country.

Hanged on the train to Veraval

There is a demand for trains from Mahuva and Amreli to Surat as well as from Amreli to Ahmedabad.

Railways have not been able to meet the demand of railway line connecting the coastal cities.

Whether it is the demand for a new train, gauge change or lengthening of the train, increasing its days, there is no lobbying on the railways by the MPs.

There isa demand to convert the meter gauge line from Amreli-Dhasa to Dhola to broad gauge.

Today there is no train between Amreli and Ahmedabad.

In Saurashtra, most of the area comes under Bhavnagar division. Rajkot Division has been truncated.

The Bilkha-Delwara line has been eroded in monsoon.

Several lines running across the state and connecting villages have been closed in the name of gauge conversion.

Even though not a single holiday special train has been run on Diwali, but according to lakhs of passengers of Rajkot division, in what condition would all these passengers have boarded the train?

The project of laying another track and electrification till Rajkot is not going to end.