55 tonnes of oxygen is used for 1 lakh patients in Kerala and 110 tonnes for 12 thousand patients in Gujarat 

Gandhinagar, 24 April 2021

Citizens of Kerala and Gujarat need uniform oxygen. In Kerala, 55 tonnes of oxygen is being given daily to 1 lakh patients.

The Gujarat government says that Gujarat requires 110 metric tonnes of oxygen. This means that at least 2 lakh patients in Gujarat need oxygen.

The government says that there are 12,000 patients in Gujarat.

The reality
Even though the government says that 110 tonnes of oxygen is available. But more than 170 tons of oxygen is required. Thus, 3 lakh people in Gujarat suffer from corona. Those who need oxygen to survive. President of the Academy of Consumer Protection, Balvendra Singh Vaghela said. He said that small carona care centers have now opened. Where there is no cure and people are being robbed.

5 lakh patients
So where does oxygen go? There is a black market for oxygen, but the Gujarat government is not showing the right situation. The reality is that 4.50 lakh to 5 lakh patients should be from Corona. he said.
Model of Kerala: India is the only oxygen surplus state.
It also supplies supplies to Tamil Nadu, Goa and Karnataka. The state’s oxygen production is 199 metric tons per day. The demand for covid care in the state comes to 35 MTPD, while non-covid care requires about 45 mtpd.

While patients from Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are dying due to severe lack of oxygen, people in Kerala are in better shape.

Data available with the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) shows.

The total production capacity of the state is 204 MTPD. The major producers in the state are 149 MT, Kerala Minerals and Metals 6 MTPD, Cochin Shipyard 5.45 MTPD and Bharat Petroleum Corporation 0.322 MTPD. In addition, 11 Air Separation Units (ASUs) also produce around 44 MTPDs.

Kerala is also expected to increase oxygen demand in the coming days. It expects that by April 25, 105,000 patients will have consumed approximately 51.45 MTPD of oxygen.

The number of ICU beds in Kerala increased and the number of ventilators also doubled. Currently, only 999 out of 9,735 ICU beds are occupied. Out of 3,776 ventilators, only 277 are occupied – Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said confidently that there is currently no shortage of oxygen in Kerala. https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/united-airlines-to-resume-flights-from-delhi-to-us-on-april-25-6810001.html