The dragon fruits name changed – KAMALAM, eating more Gujarati BJP workers, but urine became red

The dragon fruits name changed – KAMALAM, eating more Gujarati BJP workers, but the urine became like a red cap

Dilip Patel

Gandhinagar, 02 July 2022

BJP has changed the name of dragon fruit in India to Piyata. That’s why the people of BJP have brought him to eat for a long time. But due to overeating, the urine becomes pink and red. Excessive consumption can cause diarrhea. stomach ache.

The fruit of patience is sweet. But the fruit of BJP seems bitter. Fruits of Growth has changed the name of Dragon Fruit to Lotus Fruit. But people have not been able to taste the real fruit.

Dragon fruit’s name has been changed but BJP has proved to be a dragon.

The BJP may have changed its name, but the dragon is known as the Father Fruit in India.

In America, dragon fruit is known as the Queen of Honolulu.

Known as Pithya, Pitaya, Strawberry Pear, Pear in foreign countries. Still the name Kamalam was kept.

Pitaya is the fruit of Thor species. Now it has been completed from 2021. Thor takes place in the Wasteland. Thor fruit is called Dindla in Gujarat. Which is known as Dragon – Kamalam or Pitaya.

The name of a fruit has become political, the lotus fruit has become political. BJP can also do fruit politics.

Rupani has tried to make BJP’s lotus fruit into lotus fruit which Hanuman had brought with Sanjeev’s herb to make Lakshmanji good.

The demand for this specialty has increased significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

The estimated business of Dragon Fruit in India is Rs 100 crore. Now its consumption in Gujarat has exceeded one year. After the announcement of Kamalam name. The leaders have started eating with their eyes closed.

The fruit of Thor species is Kamalam i.e. dragon fruit.

Total Rs. 10 crore has been made. Which was earlier decided by the assembly of 7 crores. Under the comprehensive horticulture development, financial assistance of Rs 6.50 crore will be provided to the farmers.


The total budget of Rs 274 crore is of the Horticulture and Vegetable Department. The Horticulture Director’s office has a budget of Rs 22 crore. Which has a salary of 9 crores. 7 crore rupees have been added to the budget under the program of planting lotus dragon fruit as a new case. To meet the initial cultivation cost of planting.

16.50 crore

An assistance of Rs 50 lakh will also be provided for other schemes like perennial fruit plantation, irrigation, mechanization, infrastructure, vermi compost, plastic cover. A total of Rs 6.50 crore will be spent on this. A total of Rs 16.50 crore has been allocated. Gujarat government will provide financial assistance of Rs 10 crore for the cultivation of lotus fruit in the state. This was done by Agriculture Minister Raghavji Patel on 1 July 2022.

helping out

The general caste farmers will be given grant at the rate of maximum Rs 3 lakh to 4.50 lakh per hectare. Incentive assistance to the farmers cultivating lotus fruit is paid directly into the account of the farmer from DBT.

Various assistance schemes of Horticulture Department for 2021-22 like Fruit Planting, Mini Tractor, Tractor Mounted Sprayer, Small Nursery in Protected Farm, Horticulture Machinery, Vegetable Planting, Kacha Pavilion in Vegetables, Lined Pavilion, Paddle for Vegetable Vegetable, Drip Plantation Application can be made online including material assistance, water soluble, fertilizer.


In Kutch, 150 farmers cultivate dragons in 275 acres. It is estimated that dragons grow in 1000 acres in Gujarat. In Kutch, agriculture is practiced in Abadsa, Gandhidham, Mandvi, Anjar and Bhachau taluks. India is the largest importer from Vietnam. Dragonfruit with white and red, pink pulp is grown in Kutch district which sells from Rs 300 to Rs 150 per kg during the season. The pillars are raised by wire method. Gives fruit for 30 years. The fruit weighs 150 to 800 g from June to November. The mixture can be cultivated at 2000 TDS.

what is fruit

Take red or pink ripe fruits, they should become soft on pressing lightly. It should not be too tight or too soft. The cut looks like a kiwi from the inside, with a small black seed inside. Gar is eaten. The exterior is just awful. Many people sneeze on seeing this. Creates a strange kind of ghost to scare at the Halloween festival in America.

First time buyers ask seller where to cut it.

Not a tree but a cactus growing on a vine. This tropical type of fruit is known as the queen of the night for its nocturnal fragrance. Sometimes snakes also come due to bad smell at night.


Imports may fall, exports may fall. Exports to developing and gulf countries. ABN Fresh Expo & Cold Storage near Umla village in Zaghadiya taluka of Bharuch district was the first to ship UK goods from Ahmedabad airport in 2021.

What happened to the patent?

The name of Chinese fruit changed in Gujarat, Dragon fruit became ‘Kamalam’, started looking like lotus, the state government had to apply for the pattern, Agriculture Minister Raghavji Patel is silent on this. The fruit is from Central America and South America. Popular in Asia. Its taste is slightly sweet.

name change announcement

Former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced on January 19, 2021 that the name Dragon Fruit does not suit such a name. This fruit is not native to China but we have grown there for many years. The fruit that grows on plants such as cactus is also used in chewing gum and other herbicides. That’s why we gave it a new Sanskrit name. ointment is given. The patent process for this name is ongoing. We have started calling it Kamalam. There is no political reason behind the name change, he said.

The name change was approved by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

production planting

Prickly fruit without thorns can give good income. Reagan fruit gold cultivar.

It is sown during the months of February to May.

farming in kutch

Since starting cultivation in Mithi Rohar on 25th June 2015 it has now reached to 40 acres. There are four hundred and fifty pillars in an acre. At the end of the first year, 5 to 7 kg of dragon fruit is obtained from one pillar. Which is about 2200 to 3000 kg per acre. In the third to fourth year, one pole gives twenty to thirty kilograms and in one acre about nine thousand to thirteen thousand kilograms. Its current market price is at least nine lakh to thirteen lakh rupees. At present 5 men are employed in a 40-acre farm. The annual electricity bill is around twenty thousand rupees. In this way, about one lakh rupees will be spent on adding water, light and people’s salary. An investment of Rs 5 lakh gives a return of Rs 13.50 lakh from the third year onwards.

Farming in Dharampur

Cultivation is done in Ojarpada of Dharampur, Surat. The four-month season yields more than one ton per month. After investing Rs 15 lakh, at the end of 17 years, after deducting expenses, the total profit will range from Rs 80 lakh to Rs 90 lakh. The first production of 300 kg dragon fruit was obtained 18 months after being planted once in the field. Rupee. In Surat, most of the goods were sold for Rs 200 a kg. Dragon fruit comes in the rain.

income and demand

The production in the country is 1500-3 thousand tonnes against the demand of 25 thousand metric tonnes in India. Ordered from Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

40 percent subsidy

About 40 percent subsidy is given by the National Horticulture Board and people’s trend towards dragon fruit has started increasing.

the gain

Lotus fruit-Dragonfruit contains important vitamins and minerals. Has high nutritional value. Removes disorders of the stomach and intestines. Can help improve the digestive system. Boosts immunity, iron. Keeps heart healthy. May reduce total cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Can help increase good cholesterol. May lower blood sugar. Eating carotenoid-rich foods is associated with a lower risk of cancer and heart disease. Contains antioxidants, arthritis, bones, teeth, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, flavonoids, phenolic acid, ascorbic acid. Good sources of omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids, beta carotene, lycopene. Important in the blood are blood cells, leukocytes, platelets and plasma. Increasing platelets is dragonfoot elixir. Good for dengue fever. The doctor tells me to eat.

Will prevent aging. Wrinkles falling on the body will be removed.

Immunity, va, can be beneficial in heart disease.

Metabolizes the body, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Prevents cancer. Diabetes, asthma. Vitamin-C and a pigment called lycopene prevent prostate cancer. Dragon fruit contains elements like protein, vitamin-C, ribocline, omega-three. Along with health, it is useful in cancer, swine flu, AIDS, weight loss.

Prevents insulin resistance and reduces the condition of fatty liver. Prebiotic fiber promotes beneficial bacteria and helps with metabolism.

Hemoglobin increases. Congenital malformations can be avoided due to B complex group vitamins like folic acid and riboflavin.

Central America and South America have called this fruit a superfood.

in 100 grams dragon fruit

Calories – 60

Protein-: 1.2 grams

Fat: 0 grams

Carbs: 13 grams

Fiber: 3 grams


Fruits, yogurt, mayonnaise, lemon, honey, ginger, pink or Himalayan salt, apples, grapes, cilantro leaves, cashews, walnuts, iceberg lettuce can all be mixed in a bowl and refrigerated for 15 minutes.


Many disadvantages of Miracle Fruit Dragon have been revealed. Excessive consumption of dragon fruit can cause serious damage. Consuming too much causes diarrhea. Fruit increases appetite. The body will rise. Dragon fruit rind can be poisonous. Pesticides are used, which makes it more harmful. Do not eat the outer layer of this fruit, it has insects on it. can hurt. The edges should be cut off and discarded. It contains high amount of sugar which is injurious to health.

Eating too much causes pain. Consuming it in excess is not beneficial, as it can be harmful due to fructose. The color of urine becomes pink and red. Excessive consumption can cause diarrhea. There may be pain in the stomach. There are no health risks. Eating small amounts of food in diabetes and asthma. Being high in fructose does not reduce weight, it can lead to weight gain. No research has been done so far about the benefits of eating dragon fruit on an empty stomach.

The cost of cultivation of dragon fruit in India is high as compared to other fruits. Due to which the price of dragon fruit is also high.