Amit Shah told Kheti Bank but did not say about these scams


Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah meets Gujarat State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank Ltd. through video conferencing from New Delhi. (Agriculture Bank) addressed the 70th AGM held in Ahmedabad.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has put a pledge of prosperity in front of the whole country through cooperation. Modiji has entrusted the cooperative sector with the responsibility of contributing to the prosperity and economic upliftment of the country. Today, I would like to extend hearty congratulations to the farmer brothers and other people associated with the bank in the Sahakari Mahakumbh of Gujarat.

Amit Shah said that Gujarat State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank Ltd. Called the Agricultural Bank, it was established in 1951 and its establishment in that year also has historical significance. At the time of independence, the princes did not have money to pay the price. The Saurashtra Land Mortgage Bank was established with the help of Udaybhan Singh, Crown Prince of Porbandar.

Along with agriculture, the Krishi Bank started giving loans for rural development, cottage industries, dairy and self-employment. Today, Kheti Bank has emerged as the largest bank in agriculture finance providing medium and long term loans. Krishi Bank has 17 district offices and 176 branches providing medium and long term loans. The Krishi Bank has so far disbursed loans worth about Rs 4543 crore to about 842,000 farmers. After profit, the reserve fund is Rs 590 crore and the fixed deposit is Rs. 238 crores. In a year, the Krishi Bank made about Rs. It has done a great job of funding by recovering a debt of Rs 190 crore. Shah said.

It’s like knowing what Amit Shah didn’t say.

Gujarat State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank Limited is working since 1951, working for the economic upliftment of the farmers of the state on 12th July 2019. (Agriculture Bank) was approved by the Agriculture and Cooperation Department of the Government for the settlement scheme. 500 crores outstanding. Rs 150 crore was waived off 50,000 bankrupt farmers and defaulters. This scheme was implemented from February 2022.

The bank has 6.74 lakh members and has lent Rs 4391 crore.

After the first payment, 25 per cent of the settlement amount was six months instalments. To be paid by 2023.

There was a one time settlement scheme to clear the dues without penalty.

The agricultural bank gave loans at 15 to 18 percent interest.

Guardians were appointed. BJP first came to power in August 2021 when BJP candidates were declared unopposed in 10 of the 18 seats. Dollar is the chairman of Kotecha Kheti Bank and Bipin Patel is the head of the cooperative cell.

Two employees of Jamnagar-based Kheti Bank collected Rs 2 crore from over 100 farmers in 6 years from 2014 to 2020.

137 vacancies were filled in 2022.

recruitment scam
There was a scam in the recruitment of 400 employees in the government’s agricultural bank. A petition was filed before the High Court alleging fraud in the recruitment of over 400 clerks in the Gujarat Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank (Kheti Bank). The 17 directors of the bank insisted on appointing 20-20 persons of their choice for 400 posts. The whole controversy started when the Chartered Accountant refused to sign the interview panel by altering the list. Apart from Rajkot, Bharuch, Central and North Gujarat, the interviews were conducted for the recruitment of staff at Ahmedabad Head Office. The incident was reported to the Cooperative Registrar and a memorandum was also given, against which no action was taken.

A complaint has been filed with Chief Minister Vijay Rupani alleging that former President Dhiren Chaudhary has done a big scam by doing casteism. Arbitrary recruitment was done in such a way that the bank would suffer.

The recruitment was done by taking money from the selected employees. Dhiren Chaudhary belongs to BJP. A share was given to the board members of Congress.
Recruited by former BJP President Dhiren Choudhary and paid Rs. 15 crore salary was given. The recruited candidates do not have the skills to work on computer.

election hoax
Ex-Chairman Rs. 10 to Rs. He made a controversial proposal that only 100 shareholders can contest the election. Along with members of Congress. Then Rs. An attempt was made to set up a system where only 5,000 shareholders could make a claim.

In Mehsana Milk Union elections too, Dhiren Chaudhary helped Vipul Chaudhary by going against BJP members.

locker mess
BJP’s Dhiren Choudhary in Mehsana Rs. The locker was started at a cost of Rs 15 lakh, but it was not used.

tractor mess
In the name of tractor loan in Kutch Rs. It is also being alleged that in the case of Garbadia loan of Rs 40 crore, wet money has been taken.

bound term deposit
There was a fixed deposit of Rs 267 crore in 2020. With the advent of the BJP, it came down to 245 crores in 2021 and further to 238 crores in 2022.

The debt against it is increasing continuously. Debt has increased from Rs 4,274 crore to Rs 4,545 crore in 2022.

When BJP came to power in 2021, the outstanding debt was Rs 536 crore which has increased to Rs 553 crore in 2022. So what happened to the Rs 500 crore exemption under the Settlement Scheme? Why outstanding loans are increasing continuously. Debt recovery has come down from 34.64 percent to 30.59 percent. 600 crores was to be recovered in 2022, which was only 184 crores. Thus the bank weakened after the BJP came to power.