Govt. Says Horticulture production in 2019-20 will be higher than 2018-19

Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare has released the 2nd Advance Estimates of 2019-20 of Area and Production of various Horticulture Crops. These are based on the information received from States and other source agencies.

Total Horticulture 2018-19 (Final) 2019-20 (2nd Advance Estimate)
Area (Million Hectare) 25.43 25.66
Production (Million tonne) 310.74 320.48


Highlights of 2019-20 (2nd Advance Estimates):

  • Total Horticulture production in 2019-20 (2nd Advance Estimates) is estimated to be 3.13% higher than 2018-19.
  • Increase in Vegetables, Fruits, Aromatics and Medicinal Plants and Flowers, while decrease in Plantation Crops and Spices, over previous year, is observed.
  • The Fruits production is estimated to be 99.07 Million Tonne compared to 97.97 Million Tonne production in 2018-19. It is mainly due to increase in production of Banana, Apple, Citrus and Watermelon.
  • The production of Vegetables in 2019-20 is estimated to be 191.77 Million Tonne, compared to 183.17 Million Tonne in 2018-19.  Increase is mainly due to increased production of Onion, Tomato, Okra, Peas, Potato, etc.
  • Onion production is estimated to be 26.74 Million Tonne, as compared to 22.82 Million Tonne in 2018-19.
  • Tomato production is estimated to be 20.57 Million Tonne (increase of 8.2%) as compared to 19.01 Million Tonnes in 2018-19.

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