Gandhian Former MLA Kanu Kalsaria jailed, no complaint against BJP MLA

ex mla kanu kalsaria
ex mla kanu kalsaria

Ultratech Company had filed a complaint against Kanubhai including the mob for illegal land entry

11 February 2021

The land dispute of UltraTech Cement Company at Talja in Bhavnagar district was opposed in 2018 by Gandhian, former MLA Kanubhai Kalsaria, other leaders and a crowd of around 500 farmers. In which the movement was started by illegally entering into disputed land. Madhu Sri Vaastav, BJP MLA from Vaghodia, Vadodara, had beaten up the journalist. But no action has been taken in front of them.

Ultratech Cement had filed a complaint against seven leaders, including Kanubhai and mobilized for illegal entry. The case was pending in Talja court. Based on the statements of the police, the statements of the company’s security guards and other evidence, the court upheld the charge of illegal entry and sentenced seven people, including Kanubhai, to six months of simple imprisonment.

However, Kanubhai is out on bail including Kalsaria today. Kanubhai said after being released on bail, “We are fighting for the rights of farmers and will continue to fight even further and carry forward the movement.” Thus, he clarified his stand on the controversial land issue of UltraTech Company in Talaja. The dispute is still raging.

Farmers allege that apart from inadequate compensation, fraudulent land has been captured along with legal land acquisition. Due to which the land of some villages is likely to be arable land. In such a situation, farmers have indicated that the movement will continue.