Amit Shah’s puppet Rupani put Ahmedabad in trouble again

Ahmedabad is once again in dire straits. Here once again Ahmedabad is closed. Apart from milk and medicine, not a single business will continue in Ahmedabad for 10 days.

The situation in Ahmedabad is getting worse instead of better. Not only Ahmedabad but Gujarat is in a very bad situation. The fingerprints taught by Amit Shah and Narendra Modi are a direct failure of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. They can’t make any decisions to Khonkhari. Cannot accurately assess the situation. Due to his indecisive position, he has been dominated by the authorities.

Chief Minister’s Secretary K Kailash Nathan is now taking all the decisions. The Chief Minister has become like a pawn and a trained puppet. They are speaking as much as they are being told. Amarsinh Chaudhary was considered to be the weakest government in Gujarat till date. He was considered a taluka level leader. But Vijay Rupani has done worse than Amir Singh Chaudhary’s government in the Corona crisis.

Ahmedabad Commissioner Vijay Nehra has been abruptly shifted. Under the pretext of being quarantined in Corona. Kailash Nath has taken over the system. Vijay Nehra and Vijay Rupani are the favorites of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. An army of officers has been rocked by moving them. Officer Raj is seen once again. Nitin Patel, who is in charge of the health department, has been left out. Officer rule is going on in Rupani’s reign. In which the people are being crushed.

The situation worsened

Instead of improving, the situation in Ahmedabad and Gujarat has worsened. People were beaten by the police. Atrocities were committed. Such atrocities did not happen in the British government. The police did not even release the women. People remained silent because the situation would improve. Even worse. Atrocities are on the rise. The plight of the laborers is deplorable. The authorities have no mercy on them. The BJP’s wealthy leaders have corrupted the food of the poor. A scandal has also come out of the health secretary.

People and traders say we are tired now. Leave us our trust. Leave it to God. Don’t stop Gujarat and police atrocities on us now. Two lakh people have been charged with crimes. The baton is charged. Vegetable lorries are upside down. Have mercy on us now. The government’s cordon in Corona has now fallen heavily. Whatever happens happens. But let us live our way. They can’t control the situation.

Trade collapsed

Traders say patience is running out now. The business is chopped up. Accompanied the government for two months. It was said that Rupani would improve the situation in Ahmedabad. But he and his trusted officials have made the situation worse. Now let us start our own business and industry. Let whatever happens to Corona happen but stop the atrocities now.

Let people trust them. Leave people to rely on Corana. But don’t put your failure on us now. That is what the people of Ahmedabad are saying.

The High Command slammed CM Vijay Rupani for failing to control Corona.

The central government is not happy with the Rupani government’s efforts to control the corona virus. Not only that, but annoyed with the state government’s policy of sending foreigners to their homeland, the Center has now decided to intervene. His esteemed officers also gave a break to the way Rupani is working. With Delhi’s order, Modi’s trusted officials have been tasked with bringing the situation in Gujarat as well as Ahmedabad under control.

According to the report, not only Vijay Rupani, but also his wife Anjali Rupani is interfering in the administration, which has angered the central government. According to sources, due to the special nature of Anjali Rupani, some officials followed her instructions independently instead of following the hierarchy. Corona’s situation was clearly lacking in coordination due to the clumsy administration of the Rupani government.

Jayanti Ravi was embroiled in controversy over allegations that she favored her husband’s company. When Vijay Nehra starts humming, he doesn’t listen to anyone. According to a senior BJP leader close to Amit Shah, Vijay Nehra was more interested in shining in the media than working. He took no time to go live on social media and Twitter as if he were a spokesperson for the corporation.

According to sources, these overnight changes have not stopped yet. Collector Dhawal Patel, who has failed to control the situation in Surat, is also threatening to change him. According to information received, Modi’s confidant Kailasanathan and Chief Secretary Anil Mukim were asked to change the administration and gave the above instructions.

Different Ares of Ahmedabad.