Ahmedabad becomes poor, property tax cannot be paid, why is the Mayor and Chief Minister so cruel

Gandhinagar, 12 November 2020

The state government has allowed commercial property holders to pay 30 percent less in property tax bills to both the poor and the poor from June 2020. Despite commissions in June, July and August, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation did not see an increase in property tax revenue due to the recession. Many of the 6 million people do not have enough income to pay taxes. However, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Ahmedabad Mayor Bijal Patel are ruthless and issuing tax notices.

The situation has worsened since August

Under the advance tax scheme, a 30 percent exemption was granted by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. However, the exchequer had revenue of Rs 239.03 crore in June, Rs 226.78 crore in July and Rs 71.79 crore in August. The rebate scheme proved to be a flop show as people have no money.

East-South City Poor

Now there is a significant increase in revenue in the month of November. Currently, property tax bills are being disbursed in all cities except the southern region. With revenues of Rs 18.90 crore from 1 to 7 November, the total revenue for the current financial year 2020-21 is Rs 601.12 crore. Which is less than Rs. 1300 crores from next year.

This means that 50-40 percent of the people could not pay taxes. Out of the seven regions of the city, the poorest regions have income of Rs 42.80 crore in the northern region and Rs 85.96 crore in the eastern region.

Highest tax in Ahmedabad in Gujarat

In 2019-20, the tax department had a revenue of over Rs 1303 crore. Wealth tax was 994 crores. With a population of 60 lakhs, the per capita tax is Rs 2166. Assuming assets of 25 lakhs, Rs. 5200 is about to happen. The people of Ahmedabad are paying the highest property tax in Gujarat.

In the year 2018-19, AMC received Rs 951 crore as property tax, Rs 174 crore as business tax and Rs 92 crore as vehicle tax, bringing the total revenue to Rs 1217 crore. Revenue was Rs 367 crore in 2018-19.

No action against government property

Revenue has increased due to increase in the number of properties and income of Rs 85 crore in the name of cleanliness cess. If action is taken against government offices in the same way that small traders are dealt with, more than Rs 100 crore can be generated.

There is no tax law

Property tax is levied on 23.50 lakh residential and residential properties in the city of Ahmedabad, based on which the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Administration does not provide any details. There was a shocking revelation under the Right to Information Act. The AMC administration does not have a copy of the gazette. Information on which provision and method of property tax law was sought and under which rule 18 percent interest is charged. The basic rule is to charge in two installments in a year. Even then it is charged annually.

No gazette

The petitioner has also been told in writing that not even a copy of the gazette issued on September 25, 2011 regarding the collection of property tax on the basis of carp area. Interest on user charges is calculated in an online computer. The operation was entrusted to Tata Consultancy so that it could at some point be caused by a software malfunction.