Amul Milk now with Tulsi / Ginger to boost immunity


Ginger Milk and Tulsi Milk have been launched for immunity boostup by Amul, a world renowned milk producer cooperative. Haldi also launched milk to prevent corona infection a month ago, thus making Amul the first organization in the world to introduce a range of milk for this immunity boostup.

Announcing the launch of Ginger Milk and Tulsi Milk today, Amul MD RS Sodhi said that Amul today launched Immunity Booster Milk for the first time in the world. Ayurvedic is the best for boosting immunity in Kovid-19 when turmeric milk was launched a month ago. Which was very well received. The 125 ml of the currently launched product will cost around Rs 25.

Now you will benefit from ginger milk, Tulsi is the best for boosting immunity. This milk will be available in 125 ml cans. And it will be available in all Amul parlors and 10 lakh shops. Drinking any one milk a day will help boost immunity.

Thus, Amul has achieved great success by launching three different products as an immunity booster even in the midst of an epidemic like Corona, even though it has seen a decline in sales of other products during the lockdown. Now that the situation has returned to normal, sales of Amul’s ice cream and other products are on the rise.