North Korea on Allied China’s footsteps, Strained Relations with neighboring country

South Korea and North Korea are now among the reasons why relations between the world’s neighbors are deteriorating for some reason. The border situation between India and China has been tense for a long time and now China’s ally North Korea is also doing new business.

The North Korean dictator, who has been hiding from the world for a long time, has made a big decision after coming out in front of the world.

The line of communication with South Korea has been closed in the presence of dictator Kim Jong Un and his sister. But now this line has been closed.

North Korea recently tried to negotiate with South Korea, but the decision was eventually made without a proper response.

Now relations between the two countries are again deteriorating. North Korea has also said that we will now consider South Korea as our enemy and treat it as an enemy. Has given.

It is noteworthy that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un had earlier threatened the US with attacks several times, even a few days ago there were reports of his death, but it was just a rumor. Now a state of war could also arise between North Korea and South Korea at any time.