Anger on old video gone viral of Moraribapu commenting on Lord Krishna


A statement by famous storyteller Moraribapu has again caused controversy, angering the Kshatriya and Ahir community over his controversial remarks on Lord Krishna, in which case Karni-sena has also come to the fore.

Karni-sena activists have filed an application with the Jamnagar Collector seeking action against Morari bapu and legal action against him for spreading false rumors.

An old video of Morari bapu has gone viral, in which he is telling Lord Krishna that Lord Krishna was born to establish a religion, but he could not establish a religion in Dwarka because his son and brother Bal ram were drinking alcohol. Were also intoxicated.

It is to be noted that Moraribapu had earlier become a victim of resentment by commenting on Lord Swaminarayan. And now again a new controversy has arisen.