Arvind Kejriwal’s Mahola Clinic in Delhi, now started in Gujarat

With the successful completion of Arvind Kejriwal’s Mahola Clinic in Delhi, it has been used in Gujarat. The Patan district health system has started mahola clinics to control corona virus transmission, as well as health centers, as well as immediate treatment of minor diseases in the city during the evening.

The Urban Health Center or Mahola Clinic has been opened at 12 locations in Patan and Siddhpur city to help diagnose minor diseases, including seasonal flu, with corona virus. The Mohalla Clinics will be operational from 10 pm to 9 pm at 10 schools in Patan and 2 Anganwadi centers in Siddhpur city.

The best way to get rid of COVID-19 is to watch out for it. Supar proved this by the people who came for the primary treatment at the Moholla Clinic of Patanti School. People waiting for their turn to probe diagnoses before the Mahola clinic kept their distance from each other as part of the vigilance and gave their social responsibility.

Where are the mollah clinics started in Patan city?
Gopal Bhuvan Primary School
Slow Elementary School
Thakkarbapa Primary School
BD High School
Uday Kumar School
Finance School
Infant Temple School
Labor Primary School
Ideal high school
Gandhi Sundarlal Primary School
Where started Mahola Clinic in Siddhpur city
Mayanagar Anganwadi Center No.1
Ice Anganwadi Center No.3