Gujarat, ahead of China, 2200 Bed Corona Hospital What’s New?

On March 28, 2020, China had a 1000 bed hospital ready in 10 days. Gujarat has decided to set up a hospital on March 21, 2020 and in 6 days, 2200 bed hospital is ready. A 1,200-bed corona hospital has been erected at a civil hospital complex in Ahmedabad. A 500-bed hospital has been set up in Surat, 250 in Vadodara and 250 in Rajkot.

Only coronary patients will be admitted to this hospital. Which makes them not infected by others. All the equipment and medicines in this hospital have been prepared as per the guideline of the World Health Organization and the Central Ministry of Health. Naveen Hospital has been appointed as an Infection Isolation Hospital for the treatment of positive cases of corona virus.