Ravana saw the Ramayana after 33 years

The magic of Ramayana in the 90s was that at the time of its transmission, the roads were dwindling. People were watching the  Arun Govil, who played the role of Ram in the serial, and Deepika, who played the role of Sita, Arvind Trivedi of Kukadia village near Biloda, who plays Ravana. Arvind Trivedi lives in Mumbai. He watched the Ramayana on Saturday March 28, 2020 to watch Ramayana on television at 9am.

Arvind Trivedi of Kukadia village of Eder taluka of Sabarkantha district, Gujarat played a mountain-like body and voice “Ravan” in the Ramayana of Ramanand Sagar, he got a lot of name all over the world.

Ramanand Sagar’s TV serial ‘Ramayana’ played the role of Lankapati Ravan because of which he became known not only in Gujarati society, but all over the country. Arvindbhai is currently in his 80s.

When Ramanand Sagar thought of the ‘Ramayana’ serial, they interviewed 400 artists for the powerful role of Ravana. But they did not look at each other. Suddenly, I was impressed by the role of Narasimha Mehta in the movie ‘Kunwarbai’s Mamarau’. Took a screen test and the excuses went away.

Ranka, a Sri Lankapati scholar, has truly taken me to the peak. Then offers came up but NT Another serial was not done after Rama was released along with Rama’s role in the mythical ‘Vishwamitra’.

Arvind Trivedi, 80, is a well known actor of Gujarati films. He has acted in more than 250 Gujarati and Hindi movies as the main protagonist, villain, supporting actor and character actor. His career with his brother Upendra Trivedi has spanned more than 40 years.

In 1991, he was elected as a Lok Sabha MP from Sabarkantha district and remained in office till 3. The first movie, which was made in 1971 in Hindi, was released in Hindi. Desh Rey Joya Dada Parsdesh Joya, Gujarati Movie Last released in 1998 as Dadaji.

Arvind Trivedi is the lord of the body, influential personality and thunderous voice. The production organization was Annapurna Production. He has his ‘Aflatoon Production’ office in Charkop area of ​​Kandivali.

Born in Brahmin clan in Indore, near the Mahabaleshwar of Ujjain, Arvind Trivedi received religious rituals only at Galthothi. Upendra Bhai and Arvindbhai came to Mumbai with the cooperation of Bhadchandra, with father retiring as the manager of the leading mill of Indore. Bhavan taught at Vijay Mitra Mandal and Inter Collegiate Drama competition while studying in college.

A. Mother He joined the Indian Vidyabhavan in Munshi in 1960 as a manager for a monthly salary of Rs. When he was released as manager for seventeen years, he had to get ten thousand wages.

Performed 75 experiments in the theater for ‘Extravagant’ play. Over 500 experimental recordkeepers became police inspectors in the Gujarati theater ‘acting emperor’.
Arvind Trivedi started the film in 1959 by giving a single line of dialogue in the film ‘Jogidas Khuman’, a creator of the golden age of Gujarati films. The same film was remade in 1974 when Arvind Trivedi played the lead role of Jogidas.

Vallabh Choksi created ‘Liludi Dharti’ from Chunilal Madiya’s novel, considered the first color and art film. The ‘son of Kashi’ came after that.

Lancash is responsible for that. That is what led me to Lok Sabha from Lanka. Since childhood, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was in the Union. The BJP has been a single party since its inception till now. The sabarkantha karma ground won people’s enthusiasm. But politics did not set up, nor interested, leaving family and living in Delhi. Also the films were released. The actor did not dislike the leader. In five years did public service.