Big scandal of employment in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 18 March 2020
Corruption has spread in the rule of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. A senior state government official has been cleared of suspicion over the alleged malpractices. After the land development corporation, a big scandal has come out of the BJP Government. Which is known as the employment scam.

GRIMCO is working to employ cottage and village industry artisans. The first farm pond scandal and now employment scandal have come out.

which is responsible for the poor quality of the goods purchased by the state government company Grimco, and the impairment of the inferior or substandard purchases. M.D. P. J. Patel has been ordered to suspension with immediate effect. However, the government has not allowed the Rupani government to reveal how many crores of scams he has committed.

The Chief Minister ordered the entire chapter to be examined by the Anti-Corruption Bureau, as stated in the report.

Employment scam
One of the goals of the corporation is to create employment opportunities at the district level by expanding the employment of corporations in many districts of the state. The corporation also undertakes an activity to enable the artisans of various trade-linked states to earn a living after providing the equipment under the expertise of the village industry. As well as providing support to several clusters in the field of survey, training, production, equipment, shade construction and marketing under the government’s plan for cluster development.

700 crores of equipment
Gujarat Village Bazar Nigam (GREMCO) has provided Rs.700 crore equipment in 7 years, out of which most of the equipment has come out with serious misapplication.

The widows, human dignity, human welfare, the handicapped are provided with resources for 80 types of employment or self-employment scheme. There is also a sewing machine. The following are the details of 1.18 lakh in 2013-14, 1.24 lakh in 2014-15, 1.16 lakh in 2015-16, 1.20 lakh in 2016-17, 1.50 lakh in 2017-18, 2 lakh in 2018-19, 2.50 lakh in 2019-20. Thus, it provided the means to employ 11 million people. Which are of poor quality. Which has sewing machines.

14 lakh bicycles in 7 years
While in the scheme of Saraswati sadha scheme for the tribal children, the grimco was responsible for providing bicycles. Those who got 1.34 lakh bicycles in 2013-14, 1.89 lakh in 2014-15, 2 lakh in 2015-16, 2.10 lakh in 2016-17, 2.30 lakh in 2017-18, 2.40 lakh in 2018-19, 2.50 lakh in 2019-20, totaling 14.53 lakh bicycles in 7 years. Is. Many of which are of inferior quality.

What a Gremco job
The cottage industry buys and distributes tool-kits for the rural artisans of all the districts under the Commissioner’s Human Welfare Scheme. MKY supplies a toolkit to the beneficiary. Saraswati offers bicycles in sadhana scheme.
Multiple items are purchased by the grimaco but the goods are not properly distributed and in the godown they become a wreck. The state government runs various schemes for the welfare of the poor but it does not reach the beneficiaries. Government babies buy various items from sewing machines to bicycles to give to the poor but they do not reach the poor.

The scandal came out in 2018. Millions of rupees worth of goods have been vandalized at Government godowns in Eder, Porbandar and Ahmedabad. The surprise is that no government department or official is willing to take this responsibility. Instead of listening to the suffering and suffering of the poor, do government babies pay attention to commission fraud and scarcity?

Gujarat Handicrafts and Crafts Development Corporation, owned by Cottage and Rural Industries Department, Grimaco, Khadi Rural Industries Board, Pottery Artistic and Rural Technology Institute and Index-C have provided Rs. The scandal took place in the 60.53 crore equipment aid distributed by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani himself.

However, the government has not taken any action against Mehrajibhai Kanzariya, the chairman of Grimco, or some other officials.

The responsible people are those who have not paid attention to the administration and are running low quality goods.

Who is responsible?
Chief Minister Vijay Rupani
Minister for Cottage and Rural Industries, Jayesh Radadia
State level cottage and village minister Dharmendra Jadeja
Secretary and Commissioner for Cottage and Rural Industries, Sandeep Kumar, IAS
Who are the responsible officers of the Gremco?
Gandhinagar Industries BhawanGujarat Rural Industries Marketing Corporation Ltd. (Grimco) is an office with 23223763, 23227244
Chairman, Meghjibhai Kanzaria 23227065
Managing Director, PGPatel, GAS, 23227068, 23227244
Mrs. K.M. Nair, (Company Secretary / Manager-Finance) 23227243, 9978447026
JD Parmar, (Manager Leather / Planning Marketing / MKY) 23227243, 9978447038
DI Manger, AV Shah 23227243, 23223763, 9978447045
DY.Manager, UC Patel 23227243, 23223763, 9978447031
DIManager, R.P. Parmar 23227243, 23223763, 9978447019
Assistant BA Chauhan