Women activists gave the Gujarat MLA a bracelet gift

Representing the Abadasa area, Gujarat, Pradyuman Singh Jadeja going to BJP. Jadeja had openly confessed that he had betrayed himself to the Congress. But he said the move was taken for the benefit of the people, defended that the move was in the interest of the people for further development of Abadasa, refusing to discuss the liability of the Rs 50 crore package of resignation in the Rajya Sabha election,  including the offer of GMDC Cheriman.

Women activists gave the MLA a bracelet gift.
Gujarat Chief Minister on Monday suspended him for this act of Bijitar Jadeja, protesting against the betrayal of the people.

The Congress had declared that Jadeja had made a deal with the BJP by betraying Abadasa.

Pradyuman Singh Jadeja has changed the overnight shift to BJP. Kutch district Congress president Yajuvendra Singh Jadeja said that Abadasa-Nakhitrana and Lakhpat area to seek economic gains with high hopes.

Third MLA of Congress betrayed Abadasa’s people!

Leaders who joined other parties overnight for a package and a higher position in the billions.
In Kutch, it has been a history of ever since the MLA from Abadasa area has been repeated. The history of betraying the Congress is also framed at this meeting. Which has become more tarnished, and criticized.

Dr Nima Acharya, who is in the BJP, was a Congress MLA who had turned the BJP.

Subsequently,  former MLA Chabil Patel was convicted in jail for murdering Jayanti Bhanushali. Chabil Patel was joined BJP, The by-election was held. Shakti Singh Gohil was supported by Patel.

The women accused him of deceiving the people of Abadasa by giving them bracelets.