What the Rupani government announced about the ventilator on 4 April ?

Dhaman Dhamaal 3

Ahmedabad, 21 May 2020

On 4 April 2020, in Ahmedabad, the Chief Minister inspected the success of the ventilator ‘Dhamana-1’ made by Parakram Singh Jadeja of Jyoti CNC Company, a private company in Rajkot, Gujarat, at Corona Hospital, Civil Hospital Complex, Ahmedabad. Kovid was done in the hospital. The ventilator was successfully tested on 4 April 2020 on a patient from Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. The Rupani government claimed that the result was successful.

At a time when there is a shortage of ventilators, protection kits, N-95 masks, etc., Gujarat has achieved a new status in public health security. The production of this cheap ventilator has set a new direction to save the world from the global epidemic of Corona. This is what the government said.

Rajkot in Saurashtra is the center of the Small Scale Industries Unit. Many small scale industries in Rajkot make spare parts for large scale industries at home and abroad. In particular, parts of machinery used in railways, defense and NASA are manufactured by companies based in Rajkot. The Chief Minister said at that time.

Plans have been made to use ventilators in private hospitals, but it is available for Rs 6 lakh.

Jyoti CNC will provide the first 1 thousand ventilator machines of this Dhaman-1 ventilator free to the state government. There can be 10 vanils per day.
Rajendra Parmar of the company has prepared 150 engineers. It is designed by acquiring various parts from 26 companies. Corona patients have a special need for a pressure controlled ventilator. It was now announced to make it as Dhaman-2 and Dhaman-3.