It is estimated that Guj Govt is spending Rs 400 crore on renting vehicles

Gandhinagar, 14 April 2021
The Gujarat government is opting for rental rights rather than buying its own vehicles. Overpaying for a vehicle rental leads to bankruptcy. It is estimated that 42 government departments spend 400 to 500 crores on outsourcing from the health department. The details of all the departments should be put on the government website.

The public pays 1 lakh and the government pays 12 thousand

When people pay one lakh rupees, the government officials reduced it to 12 thousand rupees. Rupani’s notorious rule is going on. Which the BJP has no control over. They also do not trust the party president.

15 crore vehicle fare
A total of Rs 15.39 crore has been paid in two years after renting private vehicles in the offices of the Health and Family Welfare Department. The vehicles were hired through 22 different agencies in the state.

Rent of a vehicle 6 lakhs

In the Office of National Health Mission, Additional Director, Medical Education, CEO, GMERS, Chief Engineer, PIU, Director of AYUSH and MD of GMSCL, 270 private vehicles were hired in the year 2019 and 274 in the year 2020. 5 to 6 lakhs a vehicle was hired. Rent vehicle becomes free in 4 years

70 vehicles can be purchased with rental amount

The annual cost of renting vehicles for the 7 sub-divisions of health is Rs 7 to 8 crores. Even if the price of one vehicle is considered to be only 10 lakh rupees, the department can still buy 70 to 80 vehicles in that amount. Renting a vehicle is more desirable and cheaper than the cost of renting a vehicle.

Name abuse
Vehicles are leased in most government departments. Though it is private, the Gujarat government has written before and behind it, so that neither the police nor the security personnel can stop the vehicle.