BJP leader throwing shoe at Gujarat DyCM Nitin Patel turned out, threw shoe at Home Minister Jadeja and became a politician

Gandhinagar, 28 October 2020

Along with Bihar, by-elections are held on November 3, 2020 for 8 assembly seats in Gujarat. On October 26, 2020, BJP leader Rashmin Patel threw a shoe at state deputy CM Nitin Patel. On Monday, Nitin Patel went to Curzon to campaign. Giving a fodder to the press after the rally, a shoe was thrown at Finance Minister Nitin Patel due to internal differences within the BJP.

Earlier, police personnel Gopal Italia threw a shoe at Home Minister Pradeep Jadeja in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly building. Thus he has become the Area Vice President of the Aam Aadmi Party today. Thus, he is the first leader of Gujarat to become a leader by throwing a shoe. The current BJP leaders have already become leaders by doing many such things in the past.

The Deputy Chief Minister was addressing the media after addressing an election rally at Karoli village in the Curzon assembly constituency of Vadodara. During this, the BJP leader threw a shoe and demanded justice. Shoe fell on ABP TV channel’s mic.

Rashmin Patel, accused of throwing shoes at Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel in Curzon, has been a BJP member of the Shinor Taluka Panchayat. In the Shinor taluka panchayat, the BJP made Rashmin the acting president. He held this position for two years. Rashmin Patel’s wife Shinor is the sarpanch of the village. The entire family belongs to the BJP.

What is the reason for throwing the shoe
The discussion of throwing shoes has gained momentum due to BJP’s factionalism. Rashmin Patel is in the BJP’s disgruntled group. Police have arrested Rashmin Patel. The accused had to celebrate the success of throwing the shoe. Police received an audio clip from her phone. Rashmin Patel conspired to throw a shoe. The person had a conversation with a person named Amit Pandya.

Rashmin Patel is an active Congress worker. Sections of conspiracy will be imposed. Remand will be sought after presenting in court. An attempt was made to thwart Nitin Patel’s meeting.

Amit Pandya hails from Vadodara. Rashmin Patel threw slippers, not thrown. It may be mentioned here that in view of this incident, the Congress had said that the place where the shoe was thrown was a BJP meeting and BJP workers. Amit Chavda sarcastically said that there is discontent in your own party. He must have done this act.

Jignesh Mevani, MLA from Gujarat Is opposed.

State Congress spokesman of Gujarat Congress Jairaj Singh Jadeja said that this way of expressing one’s anger in democracy is not at all appropriate and should not be used. But it is not clear why the BJP leaders are blaming the Congress. Nitin Bhai is a dutiful prince of public life, but he did not attend the Congress meeting. The assembly site is from BJP, the pavilion is from BJP, the leaders are from BJP, the workers are from BJP. Don’t even understand so simple ???

Nitin Patel said, “Doing all this will do nothing. This act is for the opposition.” Today, the Chief Minister also said that it would be Congressmen who threw shoes at Nitin Patel. Vijay Rupani publicly threatened the Congress that if the Congress did not stop it, bricks would be answered with stones. Translated from Gujarati