BJP was aiming to add 5 percent, ie 1 lakh new primary members

Pandya said that at this meeting, the question of inquiry, information assessment and discussion on the structure of the organization, primary member registration under the organizational phase, active member registration and formation of the committee were considered. As per the suggestion of the central BJP, Gujarat BJP was to add 20 lakh primary members, but the region BJP was aiming to add 5 percent, ie 1 lakh new primary members, for which the divisional / district / region team worked successfully in a planned manner. Territory Chairman Shri Jitubhai Waghani congratulated the leaders of the North Zone present at the meeting. Ta.

National Consortium General Secretary V. Satishji advised the workers to work in service and with restraint by going in contact, dialogue, coordination and public outreach in the organization. And accordingly I am happy that Gujarat workers are working.

Pandya said that on September 7, on the birthday of Pandit Dindayal Upadhyayji’s birthday, all 51851 booths in Gujarat will be offered wreaths on photos of Pandit Din Dayalji and information about his character will be given to the workers and the public. The work will be completed by going to the booth to form the remaining Booth Committee on September 7th. The composition of the Mandal Committee in October, the District Committee in November and the Territorial Committee will be completed by the end of December.

BJP activist is not “political” but “social” worker. From September 14 to September 21, information about programs like diagnosis camps, plantations and sanitation campaigns organized at district / mandal level was taken under the service week program organized on the birthday of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Apart from this, information about the removal of Article 4 from Kashmir was taken from the leaders present on the National Unity Conventions and rallies organized in the district / metropolis under the program ‘One Country One Constitution – National Unity Campaign’ and you are very grateful for such successful programs of all kinds. Mr. Pandya said ..

Pandya said that a meeting of the Gujarat Parliamentary Board will be held at the residence of the Chief Minister at 6.30 pm on September 24, 2019 at 6.30 pm to discuss deliberations regarding candidate selection and electoral strategy irrespective of the by-elections of the next six assembly seats, in which the members of the Parliamentary Board besides the Parliamentary Board. District co-ordinates in the district Blended, appointed by the state legislature charge / sahaincarja srio as well as the Board President / General Secretary / prabharisrio will be present.