It is becoming increasingly difficult to remove corruption in Gujarat

Gandhinagar: It is becoming increasingly difficult to remove corruption in the departments of Gujarat Government and Board Corporation. The bribe is rising due to the channel of government corrupt officers and employees. Gujarat has become the third most corrupt state in the country due to the combination of employees and officials. In the last five years, on average, there have been 21 complaints on a daily basis, so that Gujarat is notorious across the country.

The state Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has confessed to the highest corruption in the revenue department of the state and has done everything online. Claims are made that corruption is under control, but complete corruption has not stopped in any department. A country survey has come up with staggering points.

Gujarat has the third highest number of corruption crimes in the country. According to the report of the Central Government’s Policy Commission, 1677 cases have been filed against one crore population in Gujarat. The ratio is 2492 in Tamil Nadu and 2489 in Orissa. It is to be seen that Gujarat ranks far ahead of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in the corrupt state.

According to data from Gujarat Anti-Corruption Bureau, there were 729 corruption cases in 2018, out of which only 216 were seen in 2017. That is, the state has tripled cases in a year. Similarly, according to the statistics of the Vigilance Commission, the revenue department of the state is the most corrupt. Second is urban development and third is the home department. In the state, the urban development department in one year, the revenue department in one year, goes up and down. The state government needs to install hidden cameras in these two cases.

The largest sample of corruption in Gujarat was seen in November-2018. In Gujarat Land Development Corporation, ACB officials seized Rs 56 lakh from the table. Most of the officers and employees of the corporation were able to take bribes and some of them were arrested by the police. The case of this corporation is still going on today. Gujarat government has locked up this highly corrupt corporation. If the government does not heed, then it may be time to lock in the Gujarat Pollution Control Board and the Gujarat State Industrial Development Corporation.

Gujarat Vigilance reports that in the last five years, more than 40,000 complaints have been made regarding corruption. It was recommended to take action against 800 employees in these matters. This report was presented by Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja himself.

If so many complaints are seen, it can be concluded that there are 21 complaints coming out of 1824 days. Thus, the anti-corruption bureaucracy of the state arranges two traps daily to catch the criminals. The question is whether the salaries have improved since the employees received their seventh payroll, yet some employees do not stop taking bribes. There are complaints of corruption every day, and employees and officers are caught. However the catch cases can be several times higher. If the government checks the surplus, the corruption in the secretariat can also come out.