BJP’s Rupani government and Modi’s MP CR Patil are playing  politics

Gandhinagar, 26 April 2020
The Navin Patnaik, C M of Orissa is planning to call back 4 lakh worker to the state. In Surat alone, the number of workers from Orissa is more than 4 lakh.

In South Gujarat, about 7 lakh belong to a single state. Controversial BJP MP CR Patil is only gaining fame by playing a political game to push him out of Surat. Chandrakant Patil is playing the politics of sending these artisans to Orissa instead of keeping them in Surat.

Artisans from Orissa were migrating during the 1994 plague in Surat. In November-December, the then Surat MP and Textile Minister late to bring these artisans back. Kashiram Rana reached Orissa by train to take the artisan and succeeded in bringing him back to Surat by trains. The workers were brought to Surat in these trains free of cost. But MP Patil does not do.

The Gujarat government has started preparations to send these workers from Surat and South Gujarat to UP, Bihar and Orissa by 10 lakh artisans working in industries including textile, chemical, pharma, engineering, agro processing. For that, the Gujarat government has to run 33 thousand buses. Which the government cannot reach. However, Rajarakan BJP has started registering names.

There was a 2 km long line for registration outside the MP’s office. In fact, this is not the job of MP Patil but of Rupani’s failed government officials.

The governments of Rajasthan and Maharashtra have not yet interacted with the Gujarat government to recall the workers. The UP, Bihar and Orissa governments have sought help to send workers. It is not possible to give a bus to all of them.

Patil has failed miserably to maintain the confidence of the people in Gujarat. Workers in Orissa and other states do not trust the Gujarat government or political leaders. So they are ready to flee.

In fact, it is Patil’s first duty is they should keep 10 lakh people in Surat and arrange for them to get salary and employment instead of going abroad. Instead, they are ready to push out one million people. If everyone keeps going out, Surat will collapse under BJP rule for the 7th time. His economic waist will be broken.

The process of taking foreigners home has started from Surat to Madhya Pradesh. 4 buses of Surat ST were taken to Bhopal and Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Maintaining social distance, 30 workers have been taken in the bus.

500 ST buses have been kept ready by Surat division of ST. In which 15000 workers can go home at once. While the number of workers in Surat is more than 7 lakh. It takes 4 days to get to and from UP and Bihar.

BJP’s Rupani government and Modi’s MP CR Patil are playing  politics.