Gujarat is infecting an average of 3.3 people

On April 23, IIT Delhi prepared a new dashboard based on the data available. This dashboard shows that 19 states and 10 districts account for 60% of India’s total infections. According to the data, Gujarat has the highest infection rate (RO) in the country at 3.3. RO is the rate at which a sick person can make an average person sick in a group. That means every infected person in Gujarat is infecting an average of 3.3 people.

The national average rate is 1.8 and only 28 out of 100 districts have higher transmission rates.

These districts are Rajasthan, UP, MP, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Punjab. A recent modeling by researchers at IIT Delhi suggests that corona is spreading faster than the national rate in seven states. These are the seven states: Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Gujarat. These seven states account for more than two-thirds of the country’s total cases.