Cases of corrupt officials of the BJP government of Gujarat, your will stand up

Gandhinagar, 3 December 2020

Incidents of looting people through corruption in the Gujarat government have come to light in the year 2020. Corruption has increased in BJP’s Vijay Rupani government. Corruption is a social evil. It is taken lightly, hence the backbone of the economy. Without money, does not work in Gujarat. As of November 2020, 176 employees have been caught taking bribes. An amount of Rs 65.78 lakh has been seized, which is not even 0.01 percent of the amount of corruption.

Of the arrested employees, officers or officers of 27 departments are 6 of class-1, 35 of class-2, 136 of class-3 and 3 of class-4. The other 89 corrupt people from outside the government have been caught taking bribes on their behalf. The BJP government has not enacted a single strict law for bribery. But it has tightened fine by laws that hurt people. The BJP government never gives job punishment to corrupt employees. In fact, there should be a law that those caught taking bribes should be expelled from the government and replaced with young people immediately.

Most corrupt, but not caught

The highest bribe takers are Class 1 officers. Yet barely 6 officers have been arrested. They take bribes of millions and crores. Sand and minerals mafia are giving bribe of one crore rupees to important district officials of mining department in the state. Billions of such important rights are withheld in Ahmedabad. It is not investigated. Officers from Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and district headquarters charge crores of rupees for the work of the people. The highest bribe is paid by builders and traders. But, never been a case in front of builders and industries. None of the 176 employees have been caught taking bribes from the builder or industry.

Anti-Brabery Force – ACB has revealed details of trap set in 11 months of 2020 year.

Department – Case – Bribe amount Rs.

Home Department – 52 – 960900

Panchayat – 25 – 2149000

Department of Revenue – 24 – 1955300

Department of Agricultural Cooperation – 13 – 310000

Vadodara is the most corrupt city

City – Case

Ahmedabad – 26

Vadodara – 40

Surat – 31

Unforgettable cases of corruption in Rupani government in 2020

1 – Just like bribe

On October 28, Subhash Sharma, a constable from Anand Rural Police Station, was caught with a bribe of only 500 rupees.

2 – Job Rescue

Mukund , an executive engineer in the water supply department of Vadodara Municipal Corporation, was caught on August 31 taking a bribe of Rs 1.50 lakh. He was only suspended, but not fired. Vadodara Municipal Corporation – The city is ruled by the BJP.

3 – Proxy Bribery

DYSP JM Bharvad of Jetpur division at Dhoraji in Rajkot district of Rupani home district. Constable Vishal Govind  was caught taking a bribe of Rs 8 lakh from Bharwad. He demanded Rs 10 lakh for not beating and not being questioned. This is the rule of Rupani.

4 – Farmer land

40-year-old Jagdish Gopal , a deputy meladar of the land branch at Junagadh Collectorate, was caught taking a bribe of Rs 1 lakh for non-farming the farmer’s land.

5 – Tea Kettle

Talati Mantri, Deepali Hargovind Mafatlal Class – 3 employee was caught on September 21 in Vadasar Gram Panchayat of Patan district, caught taking bribe. She was taking a bribe on a tea kettle outside the Ashapura petrol pump on Patan Shihori Road.

6 – initiation

RTO of Banaskantha Deeksha asked for bribe for registration of vehicles.

7 – Doctors as well

RMO of Ahmedabad Sola Civil Hospital Dr. Upendra and Administrative Officer Drs. Shailesh took a bribe of Rs 16 lakh, demanding a bribe of 30% to approve a bill of Rs 1.18 crore for a food contract. 3 lakh and 8 lakh were recovered from the house.

8 electric shock

To pass the bill, Deputy Engineer Vipul Madhav and Junior Engineer Chandrakant Kanilal of Class 3 were caught taking a bribe of Rs 40,000 from the contractor of Panadharo Thermal Power Station run by Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Lakhpat.

9 – vegetable hawkers

Rakesh Fateh, ASI of Surat Traffic Department and Traffic Constable Sanesh Kanaya used to take a bribe of Rs 1,000 per month from several vegetable lorries. In this way, bribes ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 10,000 are taken from 5 lakh lari, restaurants, hotels in Gujarat.

10 – bribes in rape

PSI SA Gadhvi of Surat Chokbazar police station demanded a bribe of Rs 2.50 lakh to make the case easier for granting anticipatory bail to the accused in the rape case. The plaintiff made an audio recording in mobile.

11 – most corrupt officials

Praveen Balchand Prem, who works as an assistant director at Dharampur GLDC in Valsad, built a benami estate worth Rs 10.54 crore at a monthly salary of Rs 52,000 over 10 years. Field assistant Jayanti Ishwar received a total of Rs 3 crore. Additional Collector Chandrakant, the then resident of Surendranagar district, received a total of Rs. Property worth Rs 6.75 crore was recovered. The government’s GLDC was declared the most corrupt with a corruption of Rs 2,000 crore. The chapter is pressed. Investigations were also underway in 2020.

255 crimes of corruption in 2019

417 people arrested in total 255 cases of corruption in 2019 Or gone It literally means corruption is rampant. In which 16 officers of class-1, 62 officers of class-2, 187 class-3 employees, 8 class-4 employees and 144 private persons were found corrupt. Only Rs. 94.40 lakh were seized.

The Home Department had the highest number of 67 cases and the bribe amount was Rs 37 lakh. Ahmedabad Police was at number one.

Police corruption

Gujarat has the highest corruption in the police department. There are hundreds of crimes reported daily, most of which involve bribery or extortion. Bribes are often taken according to reported offenses.

In the last two years, the state has recorded 2991 robberies, 2034 murders, 255723 thefts, 2729 rapes, 5897 kidnappings, 14702 suicides, 7611 thefts, 3305 riots, 29298 accidental deaths and 44081 untimely deaths. 14702 suicides, 29298 accidental deaths, 44081 deaths, 88081 unnatural deaths have been reported. Another 2 lakh cases are registered at the police station, or not registered by the police. Which in many cases leads to widespread corruption.

30 percent punishment, the rest survives

The conviction rate in the last 6 years by the court is low. 70% of people survive. The web of bribery department is lying but 70% have survived. One or two increments that are punished are also withheld. But promotion is given. If they are convicted for corruption by starting a separate fast court, they should be removed immediately from the job.

Year – Sentence in court

19 percent in 2015,

23 percent in 2016,

29 percent in 2017,

34 percent in 2018,

45 percent in 2019,

30 percent in 2020.

These cases of corruption, shows the rate of corruption


– TDO of Sutrapada caught taking bribe of Rs 60,000

– Viramgam Inspector said, – If you want to continue the business of alcohol, then bring 3 thousand

-Shar’s Survey Surveyor Rs. Caught taking bribe of Rs 16,500

-Chuda PGVCL Deputy Executive Engineer caught taking bribe In Vadodara, a surveyor of the Land Registry Department was caught taking a bribe.

-ACB raids statewide checkposts, exposes crores of corruption scam

– Two policemen from Adajan police station were caught taking bribe

-Vadodara: Methodist clergyman caught taking bribe of Rs 7 lakh

-Bharuch: Superintendent Inspector of Tax Department caught taking bribe of Rs 2 lakh

-Women PSI Rs. Caught taking bribe of 12 thousand

Jamnagar: A bribe of Rs 4.15 lakh was demanded for passing the bills of the contractor.

-If you want NOC certificate, then give 35 thousand rupees, Talati

-Vadodara: A field worker of a public educational institute was caught taking bribe

-The PI of Amraiwadi said, if you don’t want to eat, give me 1 lakh rupees!

Kalol’s TDO was caught taking a bribe of one lakh rupees

Vadodara taluka panchayat president was caught taking a bribe of Rs 10,000

-Godhra Taluka Police Station Constable Rs. Caught taking bribe of seven thousand

-Ankleshwar: ASI caught taking bribe of Rs 20,000

-People celebrated Diwali in Jhalod after being caught taking bribes

In Valsad, the constable took a bribe of Rs 60,000 through a middleman.

-The junior clerk of the Maritime Board was caught taking a bribe of Rs 50,000

– Labor Commissioner arrested for taking bribe of Rs 1.25 lakh

-Mehsana: Lineman caught in bribe of Rs 100

Wardi’s wireman caught red-handed taking bribe of Rs 1,500

Jamnagar Labor Commissioner was caught taking a bribe of Rs 3,500 through folder.

-Modasa: Officer-Arbitrator took bribe of 65 thousand rupees

Deputy engineer was caught taking a bribe of Rs 60,000 in Porbandar

Jamnagar: DYSP Writer caught taking bribe of Rs 17,000

19 lakhs cash, lakhs of gold was recovered from the house of bribe-seeker Bhagirath Trivedi