Kasab hanged in Mumbai attack but no compensation was given to sailors of Gujarat by the hypocritical nationalist BJP’s Modi and Rupani government

Gandhinagar, 26 – 11 – 2020

Pakistani terrorists became pirates on 26 November 2008 and infiltrated the Indian waters of the Arabian Sea in Porbandar, Gujarat. Vinubhai Masani, the owner of Kuber boat number PBR 2342 of Porbandar, had six sailors fishing in the sea. Porbandar’s ‘Kubera boat’ was abducted. 6 of his sailors were killed. There were 5 Sahids from Gujarat. The government did not pay any respect to the 5 martyrs of Gujarat. BJP’s Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at that time. The Rupani government has yet to pay compensation to the 3 sailors despite an order from the High Court to pay compensation. His writ petition will be made by advocate Anand Yagnik.

Advocate Anand yagnik

Anand Yagnik, a well-known lawyer in the country is suffering from corona disease. The martyred sailors of Gujarat have not been compensated, so they are grieved. His voice is shaken when he talks about the Mumbai attacks and the sailors of Gujarat. What he said shakes the patriotic citizen. Even after 12 years, 3 sailors-fisherman from Gujarat have not yet received compensation. The Tandel 1 and the remaining 4 were sailors. In which 3 sailors were killed and thrown into the sea of ​​Porbandar by terrorists. Whose bodies were not found. Tandel was killed near Mumbai. Kasab’s 200-page confession states that Kubera killed the boat sailors and threw them away. Although Kasab was hanged in 2012, the BJP government in Gujarat does not give compensation to 3.

Incident – 60 hours operation

Nine terrorists, including Kasab, left the boat stranded in the middle. 26/11 carried out Mumbai attacks. The attack lasted for 60 hours. 166 were killed and over 300 injured. The dead include 28 foreign nationals. The attack shook the entire country. This created a situation of war between India and Pakistan.

Kasab was caught alive and hanged

Hotel Taj, Oberoi and several restaurants in Mumbai were targeted. The operation was carried out till 11 pm on November night and 8 out of 9 terrorists were killed. Kasab was caught alive. He gave all the details of the terrorist attack.

BJP’s fake patriotism

Martyred the sailors of Gujarat and attacked Mumbai. The boat’s tandals were asked to be carried to Mumbai by machine gun barrels. As soon as they reached the shore of Mumbai, the neck was cut and the body was kept in the cold storage of the boat. The family was not given the death certificate even after 11 years. The families of the 3 sailors have till date been deprived of assistance by the Government of Gujarat. Only one was assisted in Diu, the fake patriotic Gujarat governments of Narendra Modi and Rupani, calling themselves nationalist BJP, have not paid any compensation till date. The militants also killed Tandel Amarchand, a sailor living in Jholawadi village of Diu. Wife Raniben did not get her husband’s death certificate from the government several years.

Names of sailors

Presently, the family of Navsari’s fisherman lives in poor houses in Machhiwad villages. The families of these sailors are currently forced to live in formidable conditions. The body of the boat’s captain and Amarsingh Solanki of Valsad was found off the Mumbai coast. Other sailors of the boat were Ramesh Solanki of Junagadh, Natwar alias Nattu Nanu Rathore, Mukesh Rathod and Balwant Tandel of Vasi and Machhiwar villages. Earlier, Kasab also admitted that he had killed all the fishermen on the Kuber boat.

Kuber not given back

The owner of Porbandar’s Kubera boat number PBR 2342, Vinubhai Masani, has not been given a back till date. Kasab was hanged but Kuber is still being hanged. The BJP government is not approving them to go to the sea. This is what Hiralal Masani said.

Boat owner demand

The family of the deceased Amarsingh of Kubera boat Tandel was assisted by the Union Territory of Diu. His son was also given a job in police. However, the Government of Gujarat has denied assistance to the families of the 4 deceased sailors. So the owner of the boat Hiralal Masani called for help for his families. Masani gave 2–2 lakh rupees to the sailors.

Help in Mumbai

The families of the deceased were assisted by the central government. More than 600 injured were also assisted. After the Mumbai incident, the state government announced financial assistance of Rs 3 lakh to each family of the deceased and the Maharashtra government announced financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh to each family member of the deceased.

Death certificate not issued

In return, the families of the deceased had to wait for eight years to obtain their death certificate. Damayanti, wife of the deceased Balwant, has spent thousands of rupees to get compensation. But nothing has been known yet. As per the rules, a person is presumed dead if he has been missing for seven years, but the Gujarat government issued a death certificate in February 2017 to the families of the three deceased fishermen following a court order. The militants also killed Tandel Amarchand, a sailor living in Jholawadi village of Diu. Wife Raniben has not received her husband’s death certificate from the government.

Had to drop out of school

The condition of Jashiben’s family members who lost their husband in this unfortunate incident is becoming miserable. His two young daughters have to stop studying and work under the MNREGA scheme. The children of the fishermen have to leave the school.

Ordered to pay compensation

On October 24, 2019, Kubera ordered to give Rs 5 lakh to the heir of the dead fisherman of the boat. The Gujarat High Court had issued an interim order to pay 5 lakh 48 hours from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to the widow of a fisherman of Seema village of Una taluka. The widow of one of the four fishermen, tired of repeatedly representing the government, approached the High Court, which passed an interim decision. Anand Yagnik spoke.

Balubhai Sosa

Balubhai Sosa of the Samudra Shramik Suraksha Sangh of Kodinar came to the aid of Jasiben, widow of Ramesh Nagji Bamnia of Seemasi village in Una taluka. Ramesh’s heirs wrote letters to the government for 8 years for compensation. Jasiben did not give up and in 2016, with the help of the Samudra Mazdoor Sangh, High Court advocate Anand Yagnik sought relief in the High Court. Anand Yagnik showed sympathy and got justice done without charge.

Policy made

The central government had enacted a policy to provide compensation to the families of those killed in terrorist attacks. The state government of Gujarat has implemented this policy in the state. Rupees. 5 lakhs have been deposited as fixed deposits in the name of Jamshilaben. Which earns quarterly interest. By 2017, all these fishermen’s families had to fight a legal battle to be declared dead. Only then the government declared him dead by court order.

Prize of 35 crores

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been offered a reward for information on catching 26–11 terrorists. Pompeo said, “Up to 5 million rupees (Rs 35 crore) will be awarded for information on the capture of Hafiz Saeed, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi associated with the plot of 26/11 attacks.” (translated from Gujarati)