PM Modi to lay foundation of world’s largest power park, what is the controversy ?

Gandhinagar, 5 December 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will arrive in Gujarat on December 15 to visit the world’s largest 30,000 MW Solar-Renewable Energy Park (Renewable Energy Park) on the Pakistan border beyond the Vighakote outpost in the Great Desert in Kutch. An energy park with solar, wind energy and solar-wind is being built in the desert near the Pakistan border in Kutch. 3 thousand windmills have been installed. A few days ago, Home Minister Amit Shah and Chief Minister Vijay Rupani visited here and addressed the Sarpanches.

Know what the whole project is and what its dispute is

Kutch the small desert, great desert and grasslands of the Banni region together cover an area of ​​30,000 square kilometers. Out of this, Delhi was under constant pressure to hand over 600 square kilometers of land to power companies.

1.35 lakh crore investment

Kutch is going to become the world’s largest renewable energy park. Around 60,000 hectares of land is being leased here for 40 years. The park will have a solar wind and both power generation capacity of 28000 MW. Developers have to install 50% capacity in three years and 100% capacity in five years. The government expects an investment of Rs 1.35 lakh crore.

Cheap land

The annual rent of the park developer is Rs 15,000 per hectare. Every three years there will be a 15 percent increase in fares. While other taxes have to be paid separately. Once the park is developed, the park developer will be able to lease it others.

Security dispute

When the land allocation policy for the park was announced on January 25, 2019, there was no mention of depositing a security amount of Rs.2 lakh per MW. The policy was later amended on 14 September 2020 to add a security amount of Rs.2 lakh per MW. He was strongly opposed by the companies.

The company already knew

Surprisingly, some companies had already paid the deposit before adding the rules. The solar power facility company remained silent on the issue. Gujarat Power Corporation Limited did not respond. Chief Project Officer Raju Mistry refused to comment at the time. Asked to talk to Gujarat minister on this issue. MD SB Khalia also refused to give information. Solar companies are suspecting GPSL.

Which company will generate how much electricity?

Adani Green Energy Ltd. (AGEL) will establish a power generation capacity of 10,000 MW. It will have 8,000 MW of solar and 2,000 MW of wind power generation. For this, the Adani Group paid Rs. 30,000 crore is going to be invested.

Lands granted

The Adani group has been allotted 20,000 hectares of land. 20,000 hectares of land has also been allocated to Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI).

Company Power Allocated Land
AGEL 10000 MW 20000 Hectare
Surgeon Realty 3800 MW 7600 Hectare
GIPCL 2500 MW 5000 Hectare
GSECL 3500 MW 7000 Hectare
NTPC 5000 MW 10000 Hectare
SECI 3000 MW 20000 Hectare

The government is providing land for windmills in Kutch for solar and wind based electricity. Over 3 hectares of land has been leased for 30 years at a very low rent. It is being exploited.

Protest for birds

There was a lot of protest against the windmill companies exploiting the Kutch forests and natural resources. The state government itself had to accept that Kutch had suffered. Flamingo City birds also pass through the areas.

Policy violation

It was decided not to lease government land to any windmill. On 31 November 2019, the then Collector of Kutch, Remya Mohan gave his approval and recommended no more land given in Kutch. This was followed by Collector M. Nagaraja also adopted that policy. The new policy has been implemented, he said. The state revenue department circular had also banned the installation of new windmills.

11 companies completed the work

Under this Government of India project, an auction was conducted through JDA to set up a windmill. More than 11 companies have installed windmills elsewhere in Kutch. The auction unit held from 1 to 4 has been approved. Restricted to the rest.

179 companies land dispute

Applications for the allocation of land to a total of 179 companies in Kutch are valid as per rules 1 to 4 for which 1063 hectares of government land was allotted. It was decided to cancel the other 5 to 7 rules auctioned applications.

3 thousand windmills

A total of more than 3,000 windmills have been installed. 42 lakh square meters of government land was allotted. No government land will be allotted in Kutch except Energy Park. Permission to set up private space is allowed, decided by officials.

Damage to vultures and rare birds

Windmills were banned in the vulture sanctuary area in Abdasa. The collector decided to place a rock on the new windmill after protests in the Paladhu region. There is also a sanctuary.

7 years ago talk of a private company

Surprisingly, in 2013-14, the top industrial house of Gujarat submitted a letter of intent for the wind and solar project in the region during Vibrate Gujarat. The top company then obtained the land through the Gujarat government on its behalf. Made an application to the Ministry of Defense. The Gujarat government later said that a hybrid project could be set up in the area.

Land of BSF

In February 2019, the top industrial house applied to the Gujarat government for its solar and wind power projects, even though the Defense Ministry had not given the green light to about 60.30 km of land at Khawda near Bhuj in August. Then in late 2019, BSF land was released to the Government of India.

Land already given

The application of this top company was accepted by the state government before the Ministry of Defence gave go-ahead. NTPC, GIPCL was also allocated by the government so as not to point fingers directly at the government. The government has not issued a gazette notification for the land. In which solar power developers can apply. The land seems to have been already allotted.

2 private company

Every company should have been given equal opportunity for land allocation. But the big companies will take the land and will now lease the land to the smaller companies. Federation of Kutch Industries Association (FOKIA) managing director Naimishbhai Phadke believed that eight companies have been allotted land. 5 of them are public companies, 2 are private companies. The land is owned by the state government, so the land is also allotted by the government. Wind energy products were approved 2-3 years ago. Most of them were in Kutch. The project involved frequent skirmishes between the community and plant owners. All these complaints reached the Prime Minister.

600 square kilometers of land

Kutch has 5,000 square kilometers of desert land. Of this, 600 sq km of land has been acquired for sale. In this way 60 thousand hectares of land will be acquired. In which 1.48 lakh acres of land will be given. One hectare means 10 thousand square meters of land. It is the largest land acquisition in one place in Gujarat.

2.3 GHz Power

So far, about 2.4 GW of solar projects have been installed in Gujarat, while 2.2 GW projects are still in the pipeline. Adani has now become the largest solar energy company in the country. He has got a lot of land in this project.

Pressure from Prime Minister M

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been regularly pressuring the Gujarat government about the project for the last 2 years. Modi gave Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani a 2022 deadline to complete the project. The project has been in operation for over 2 years.

A consultant will be appointed

Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL) has invited bids for the appointment of a consultant. Feasibility reports, detailed project reports (DPRs), engineering services, wind and solar resource estimation, will estimate power generation.


The last date for submission of online bids is October 20, 2020. It was opened on 26 October. There is no information about this. The state government announced its solar plus wind hybrid power policy in 2018. About 13 tenders have been announced to invite consultants for the development of solar projects and parks.

Land settlement

The Government of Gujarat has also issued amendments in its waste land allocation policy for wind, solar and hybrid (wind and solar) electricity. The amendment states that 50% electric capacity is to be installed within three years of the land allocation agreement, and 100% must be generated within five years of the agreement.