Companies paid Rs 1264 crore to 7 lakh employees in Gujarat

Gandhinagar 10 April 2020

2 lakh industrial units across the state have paid a salary of Rs 1264 crore to 7.38 lakh workers and artisans.

Thus the average youth of Gujarat receives an average salary of Rs.17127 per month.
In the case of lockdown, small business units, contractors, private units will not be able to release their employees. As well as the guidelines which were to be paid during this time.

At the current lockdown, 34 state chariots are working in the state for treatment of minor illnesses for the working class, and in its OPD, more than 46,000 workers have been provided health check-up services in the colonies of the Labor Colony, Ranbesera and traditional laborers.

He also detailed the supply and distribution of essential commodities including milk, vegetables on Friday, on the seventeenth day of the current lockdown.

On Friday, the state distributed 46.76 lakh liters. 90 thousand quintals of vegetables have arrived. 12 thousand quinters of fruit have arrived.

Distribution of 80 lakh food packets in cities.