Allegations of Rs 15 crore scam in Unjha APMC

Ahmedabad, 13 September 2020

In Asia’s largest farmers’ market selling produce, Gujarat has the highest revenue in this market. About 25 crore rupees tax are collected by farmers from traders every year and deposited in APMC. It is legal for traders to give their tax. But it is not given and money is taken from under the table. It is alleged that such a scam of Rs 15 crore has taken place. The allegations were circulating on social media. Ever since BJP founder leader Naran Lallu Patel left APMC, Unjha market has started to fall,  now the market has been taken over by anti-social elements. After the GST theft scam of Rs. 1500 crores, another scam has come to the fore where gangsters are harassing gangsters by collecting illegal money from traders. This gang is associated with some BJP leaders and helps them win the election.

When asked about the Unjha Ganj market secretory Vishnu Patel on the phone, he said that an employee has been allegation of corruption of Rs 15 crore. He is accused of putting up cameras in the office to gather evidence. But our annual revenue of 25 crores has increased by 20 percent. So how can there be corruption? Vishnu Patel said this.

On 11 September 2020, 47 employees signed and wrote a letter. The letter states that the Agricultural Produce Market Committee consists of employees and traders, who have made irregularities in recovery of the balance. Therefore, the reputation of the market committee is being damaged. The employee Saumil Patel works as a clerk. Strict action is taken against them. This has hurt the reputation of the market. They have also expressed malfeasance in the past.

What exactly is,

The letter has been written against Soumil Patel as he informed the government through a letter detailing the allegations leveled by the market committee officials and BJP MLA Asha Patel. Has written letters to the government. Believed that, this employee has a lot of evidence. Some people of BJP are saying this.

There is a lot of corruption in Unjha cooperative market. The market has embezzled the remaining tax immediately. APMC President Dineshbhai Patel and Unjha MLA Asha Ben Patel as well as APMC Unjha Secretary Vishnubhai Patel are being maligned.

It has collected financial evidence through CCTV cameras. The workers’ own wages have been taken away.

Wrote a letter to the police

Vishnu Patel, secretory of Unjha Agricultural Produce Market Committee immediately wrote a letter to the police. He alleged to have installed CCTV cameras in the office and filed confidential cases. Clerk Saumil Amrit Patel has recorded some things by putting a camera in the office on September 8, 2020 at his expense. Holding the camera. He signed the statement but it was a chemical that flew over a short period of time. His photo was taken by the secretory. He has that proof. Therefore, the police should file a complaint in this regard. He has been using this camera for a long time to record scams in the office. In which the tax which was to be taken.

Notice to clerk Saumil Amrit Patel

Clerk Soumil Amrit Patel e-mailed the police, saying that they had many evidences in the video. Therefore, Vishnu Patel issued a notice on September 10, 2020 to take action against Saumil. Vishnu Patel and Speaker Dinesh Patel have e-mail evidences at several places. Another notice has been issued on 11 September.

Some people were found in Gandhinagar. Therefore all efforts are being made to stop the investigation from Gandhinagar.

What do the inner people say?

Unjha police is yet to register an FIR. Former market leaders allege that a gang of 5 people is taking home the remaining amount in lieu of depositing it every 15 days. Police have been informed by e-mail about who took the money. He did not appear before the police himself. There is a large amount of corruption. The mail says how much money was given to whom. Saumil’s family is also a member of APMC. Some people are involved Rs 1,200 crore GST scam. It is believed that this gang collects money from traders. The police is eyeing on other income. However, now the Unja gang wants the police not to investigate.