Corona spread to Ahmedabad as Namaste Trump gathered 1 lakh people

Ahmedabad, 7 May 2020

Crowds gathered at the Namaste Trump program, raising the possibility of increasing community transmission. Corona virus started entering Gujarat. Due to which today the whole of Gujarat has come under the spell of Corona. This is not an unintentional mistake, the crime is careless.

While the whole world and India is facing the Corona virus, a large number of Corona infections are on the rise in Gujarat, the reasons behind which Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee President Amit Chavda discussed with the press media and the public through Facebook Live.


Gujarat Pradesh Congress President Amit Chavda said, “The whole of Gujarat, India and the world is disturbed by the Corona virus epidemic and has suffered economic ruin. On January 30, the WHO also declared an international health emergency. The United States also declared a health emergency in its country on January 31.

As early as January, the WHO’s notification provided information on the severity, severity, and implications of COVID-19. The Union Health Minister also briefed Parliament on February 8. “The virus is transmitted from human to human,” the WHO Health Advisory said. Contact with each other causes corona infection. That is not to hold a mass gathering anywhere. Not to do community transmission programs. Take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease as no drug has been discovered. ”

Despite the WHO warning the world about its seriousness, the Indian government organized the Namaste Trump program on a grand scale for political gain. Overnight, Donald Trump formed a committee to greet the mayor of Ahmedabad. The stadium was arranged by Gujarat Cricket Association. The Gujarat government gave all kinds of approvals. Spent more than Rs 100 crore.

In addition to Donald Trump, his security teams, journalists, business-political delegations as well as a large number of people from abroad came to Ahmedabad at that time. The program was conducted in violation of WHO guidelines.

More than one lakh people were seated in the Ahmedabad stadium by filling buses from all over Gujarat. A large number of people were also standing on the road to greet the stadium on the route from Ahmedabad airport.

More than 400 people have died in Gujarat. There are about 6 thousand positive cases of corona. For whom there is no hospital, medicine or adequate resources. Everyone has suffered financial ruin due to the lockdown. The economy has collapsed. The people of Parprant are struggling to go home. Agriculture is suffering.

Behind which Namaste Trump program is responsible. Judicially investigate the situation and all aspects of the Corona transition in Ahmedabad and Gujarat due to the community transmission caused by the Namaste Trump program.

A writ petition will be filed before the High Court for Gujarat Congress inquiry. An SIT of experts and neutral people will be formed and an inquiry into the whole matter will be demanded.

A writ petition will be filed in the High Court seeking action against those responsible for the troubles caused by the Namaste Trump program, based on the Donald Trump Greetings Committee, the Gujarat Cricket Association and the Gujarat government’s principle of visible implications of criminal negligence.