Corona’s 1. 1.4 million aid was used by Pakistan for the military

Pakistan could increase its military budget by 20% by lying to the IMF in Corona, India said. The April 16 meeting approved a request by the International Monetary Fund for વડા 1.4 million in aid to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan to fight the Corona virus crisis. Surjit Bhalla, the board’s Indian representative at the time, expressed doubts.

Bhalla said Pakistan could use the funds in its defense budget. Therefore, the funds provided by the IMF should be accounted for.

The IMF should ensure that aid is used only for Covid-19 and that there is no division of these resources in other areas such as security.

Pakistan’s defense ministry could increase the salaries of its military personnel by 20% for the next financial year. The leaked defense ministry memorandum states that the joint staff headquarters proposed to increase consultations with the service headquarters. Observers of Pakistan in India say the army gets the largest share of the budget under pressure from the Pakistani military.

Pakistan’s economic crisis, like that of other countries in the world due to the Covid-19 outbreak, has led to an increase in the army budget this year. Pakistani observers in India insist that increasing the defense budget to keep army commanders happy is a false proposal.