Provide assistance of Rs 12,000 crore for 3 lakh deaths due to corona in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, 23 January 2022
A rally with 50 bikes in a major city, a dialogue at the state office and a wreath laying ceremony for Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was organized in Ahmedabad on 23 January to mark the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. He once again demanded Rs 4 lakh as compensation as per the government’s Disaster Act, which his family has implemented for the deaths of 92,000 people in Gujarat.

For 4 lakhs, 92 thousand people have to pay Rs 3680 crore.

But Congress believes that it is the duty of the government to compensate everyone for the 3 lakh deaths. It has demanded immediate handing over of the responsibility of Rs 12,000 crore to be paid to each panchayat.

The BJP government has admitted that out of 91810 petitions, 58840 petitions have been allowed after being repeatedly slapped by the Supreme Court for its reluctance to pay compensation to the families of the deceased. 11000 applications are in process. Cost is coming on 15000 applications. 5000 applications have been rejected.

Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee President Jagdish Thakor said that the BJP government is not serious about the corona epidemic from day one. More than 3 lakh citizens of Gujarat have lost their lives due to lack of health services including hospital beds, oxygen, medicine, injections. But the BJP government hid the death toll and released only 10,000 figures.

In the global pandemic Corona, the government is engaged in providing health care, treatment and other facilities to the citizens of Gujarat.

So far more than three lakh people have lost their lives in Gujarat due to the lax administration and criminal negligence of the BJP government. After the decision of the Supreme Court, the families of Corona victims are running towards the office for help.

The BJP government has spread lies by hiding the death toll after colliding with the Supreme Court. How will the government find and compensate the many people who died without investigation and hospitalisation? Why is the government extending the salary date? When the Supreme Court slaps, it helps and the government works. The BJP government is doing grave injustice to the families of the deceased.

If the BJP government had taken the right decision, instead of organizing festivals and celebrations, it would have been possible to register the names of the Covid dead in the gram sabha, or get accurate figures from the hospital or graveyard and provide immediate financial assistance. families.

Family members are making rounds of government offices to prove their death in Corona. Despite the Supreme Court taking cognizance of the delay in providing assistance, the government is not feeding.

During the Corona period, citizens were forced to sell 28 metric tons 28000 kg, 28 million tola gold to run their homes. The BJP government has failed miserably in helping the families financially as the number of houses, places, mortgages, mass and individual suicides have also increased during the Corona period.

Namaste Trump, After local body elections, public meetings, cricket matches and finally the vibrant riots, the BJP government has plunged Gujarat into a crisis in the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gujarat is no longer a wave of corona but a tsunami. There are over 25,000 cases of coronary heart disease in the state. The government is taking Corona lightly. The third wave calls for five days off, including Saturday, Sunday and 26 January.

The Congress party has demanded from May 2021 that the families of the deceased be entitled to an assistance of Rs 4 lakh as per the provisions of the Disaster Management Act, guidelines and instructions of the Central Government.

200 crores for the Chief Minister and 8000 crores for the Prime Minister. Lakhs of crores of rupees of traders have been waived. Crores of rupees are wasted behind their festivals and celebrations. There is no budget to give Rs 4 lakh to the families of those who died of corona in Gujarat.

On January 26, a tricolor procession will be taken out in the wards of all the cities of Gujarat with 75 feet tricolor. Member registration drive has started from 23rd to 30th.

Between February 3 and 5, there will be a program on the issue of compensation and justice to 100 heroes who died of Corona.