Don’t step out between 7 PM to 7 AM even in orange and green zones: DGP

07 May, 2020

A micro-management plan has been shaped with the help of local leaders to reduce unnecessary movement in containment areas of red zones

Gandhinagar, Tuesday: Director General of Police Mr. Shivanand Jha said that strict implementation of the third phase of the lockdown is necessary to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. During this phase, everyone shall stay indoors from 7 PM to 7 AM or they may end up facing legal actions.

In lockdown 3.0, special focus is on the red zone areas with high transmission rate. Complete cooperation of people in these areas is absolutely essential. All activities except the movement of freight vehicles and essential services are prohibited in these areas. Police have been given special instructions. Intensive checking will be done round the clock at all check posts by barricading the road. Only authorized people will be allowed to move. The state government has advised that small children, pregnant women and the aged, should avoid stepping out of their houses. He appealed the citizens of the state to not step out of their house unless for essentials.

The lockdown will be stricter in the containment areas of red zones. A micro-management plan has been formulated with the help of local leaders to reduce unnecessary movement of people in containment areas of red zones. Intensive checking will also be carried out by the police by cordoning off areas and through videography.

Talking about relaxations in the movement of vehicles in orange as well green zone Mr. Jha said that inter-district movement in this zone can only be done with authorized pass or permission. Legal actions will be taken against those travelling without authorized pass or permission. Freight vehicles and essential service vehicles have been exempted from seeking permissions.

Travel through trains and buses have been arranged by the state government for migrant workers from various cities. They must be patient and cooperative to reach their homeland as they are in large numbers. If people take the law into their hands, strict actions will be taken against them. Talking about an incident that took place in Surat, Mr. Jha said that 204 people have been arrested under various sections including damage to Public Property Act, Rioting, 304, and 120(B).

Throwing light on the significant use of drones and CCTV during the lockdown, Mr. Jha said that, the cities and towns are being thoroughly observed through drone surveillance. 136 crimes have been registered through drones. A total of 21163 people have been arrested for 11,200 offenses to date. Meanwhile, under the Smart City and VISWAS project, 99 individuals have been arrested for 87 crimes reported through the CCTV network tallying up to 3675 individuals for 2569 crimes. Additionally, 21 crimes have been registered so far and 15 people have been arrested through CCTV’s in residential societies.

Similarly, for spreading fake messages and rumors through social media, so far 657 crimes have been registered and 1361 accused have been arrested. 15 accounts have been blocked. 146 and 47 offenses have been registered, respectively, through videography and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). 827 offenses have been registered so far with mounted cameras special ‘Prahari’ Van.

Cases that have been registered so far include 2038 of the violation of lockdown, 754 against those violating quarantine, and 543 other cases. 6210 vehicles have been seized in the state, added Mr. Jha. Police have released 1,79,530 detained vehicles so far.