Gujarat Model – Govt runs on fixed salary, barely 1.20 lakh jobs in industries in 22 years


Gandhinagar, 27 March 2021

Shailesh Parmar, MLA of Danilimda in Ahmedabad city, has opened the polls for BJP’s 22-year-old Raj in the Assembly.

In 1996, 510,000 people registered with the Employment Exchange. In the year 2020, 412985 people have registered, thus 97000 names have been registered less in 25 years.

In the year 2019, the establishment of departments of the state government was ૩70૩24, which is going to be જાય89424 in the year 2020. At that time the establishment of 19100 persons has increased.

The number of establishments in district panchayats has decreased from 254679 in the year 2019 to 247494 in the year 2020 i.e. 7185.

Government officials and employees

Establishment of class-1 to 4 in various offices of the State Government is 46404, 298686 officers-employees as per 7th Pay Commission, 852 employees under 6th Pay Commission.


There are 1127૩6 outsourcing and contract based employees and 51769 fixed salary employees. There are 2995૩8 permanent employees in the state. And 164,505 outsourced, contract-based and fixed-salary employees work in government departments, meaning that more than 45% of the estimated outsourced, contract-based and fixed-salary employees are recruited. Outsourcing, fixed salary employees in the year 2019-20 Rs. 80664.67 lakhs were paid, while in the year 2020-21 Rs. 90745.80 lakhs were paid.

Instead of permanent recruitment, fixed salary, outsourcing and contract based recruitment is done.

22 lakh unemployed applied

In the 20 years from 1975 to 1995, 80198 people got government jobs. In the period of 7 years from the year 2013-14 to 2019-20, 72927 people have been provided government jobs. In the period of 3 years from the year 2018 to 2020, 2265144 people applied for 4427 vacancies which shows the unemployment rate in the state.

The commission recruited barely 14 thousand

According to the report of Gujarat Public Service Commission for the year 2019-20, 14046 people have been recruited in the period of 5 years from the year 2015-16 to 2019-20. 1029 from the community, 2117 from the tribal community, 1882 from the unnamed and 5822 from the OBC. 685 vacancies have been filled on fixed salary, outsourcing and contract basis against the sanctioned establishment of 1660 vacancies in the grant aided institutions of the Department of Labor and Employment. The Department of Labor and Employment itself recruits about 40% of all recruitments on a contract basis, with fixed salaries and outsourcing.

Not recruited despite approval

Despite the Commission recommending 417 vacancies in 10 departments from March 2017 to 2019, the government has not recruited in these departments.

Fixed salary employees outnumbered permanent ones

The establishment of class-1 to 4 in the district panchayats of the state is 247494, in which 209521 as per 7th pay commission, 5704 outsourcing and contract based and 2242 posts with fixed salary have been filled. District Panchayats also have 209549 posts of permanent employees and 457945 of fixed salary, outsourcing and contract based vacancies.

The lie of the tide

In the 10 year recruitment calendar of the state government, the establishment of District Panchayat was 246-96 in the year 2012, which was 220046 in 2017, i.e. the establishment has been reduced by 26-50 in 5 years. During the five-year period from 2015 to 2017, 2 2017888 recruitments have been made in Panchayat services. On the one hand, the establishment has declined by 26૩50, while on the other hand, the government should explain how it has recruited 2૩888.


BJP employs barely 1.12 lakh in 22 years

When it comes to providing employment in the public and private sectors on the basis of industrial classification, 1619000 people got employment in the year 1990, as against 1696000 people in the year 2000 i.e. 77000 people got employment. In the year 1996, 1714000 people got employment, while in 2018, 1826000 people got employment. Thus, between 1996 and 2018, 112,000 people have found employment.


Vibrant on the one hand, recruitment fairs are held, people’s names are registered in the employment office, then the employment rate was supposed to increase in 2018 as compared to 1990, but the employment rate is declining. Government statistics, surveys, newspapers, TV media show that Gujarat is a good state for employment.

Based on the statistics, it does not appear that people are getting more employment under any circumstances. In Vibrant Gujarat, only futures have been made. Millions of people are expected to find employment, but according to statistics, people have not been able to find employment. The state government talks of a recruitment calendar but what kind of recruitment does it want in a 10 year calendar? It doesn’t make it clear.

Violation of the Constitution

Fixed salary, outsourcing and contract-based recruitment are done instead of permanent recruitment in the vacancies in the departments of the State Government. Permanent vacancies should be filled as stipulated in the Constitution, not with fixed salaries and outsourcing. The government operates the system on a fixed salary basis only, which has led to rising unemployment in the state. (Translated from Gujarati)