People of Gujarat lead in India, eat more Banana, farmers started producing more in the field

Gandhinagar, 3 August 2020
Gujarat produces 71 kg of banana per person per year. Gujarat has increased the production of banana to 15 kg per capita in 10 years. Every man eats 6 kg of bananas in a month. India eat 2 kg per person per month. Thus, farmers have become able to produce a lot of bananas. The Gujarat government has just released a report on banana production. People in India eat 23 kg of bananas in a year. 71 kg of bananas are grown in Gujarat. Which is mostly eaten in Gujarat. Bananas are eaten 3 times more in Gujarat than in India. Right now the month of Shravan is going on. Banana eating increases in the month of Shravan. Gujarat is already a vegetarian region. And now more and more people are eating raw food instead of food cooked by fire. Which shows the increasing consumption of cheap bananas. 31 million tonnes of bananas are grown throughout the country. In Gujarat, bananas are harvested mostly in September and November.

How much production
In 2008-09, farmers produced 35.72 lakh tonnes of bananas, which increased to 46 lakh tonnes in 2018-19. This is a direct increase of 1 million tonnes. In 2017-18, 44.72 lakh tonnes of bananas were harvested. Production increased by 1.30 lakh tonnes in one year. Production has increased by 27–28 percent. Approximately 65.63 tonnes of bananas are harvested per hectare.

The garden grew
Bananas were grown on 61 thousand hectares in 2008 which has increased to 70 thousand hectares in 2018-19 after 10 years. Thus, the area of ​​banana cultivation has increased by 14.75 percent. Thus the productivity per hectare has also increased towards planting, hence making it possible for mass production.
There are banana orchards on 8.58 lakh hectares in India. 31 million tonnes of bananas are harvested. And 36200 kg of banana crop per hectare. In India, rural people eat 2 kg bananas per month and urban people eat 4.50 kg bananas per month.

Where most bananas are harvested
Banana is the major crop in Bharuch, Anand, Surat and Vadodara. In 2008-09, 31.61 lakh tonnes of bananas were produced in these 5 districts. Thus, out of 35.71 lakh tonnes, only 4 lakh tonnes of bananas were produced elsewhere. This means that these 5 districts were producing 92% bananas.

In 2018-19, there were a total of 38 lakh tonnes of bananas in 7 districts in Narmada, Bharuch, Anand, Surat, Vadodara, Dahod and Chhoda Udepur districts. The total production in the second sector was 46 lakh tons to 8 lakh tons. Which is about 10 percent.

Thus 90% of bananas are grown in these 7 districts. About 3.43 lakh tonnes of bananas are produced in Saurashtra. Farmers in Surat alone know that there are twice as many bananas to grow from the 12 districts of Saurashtra. In Banana, 12 districts of North Gujarat and Saurashtra-Kutch are completely backward.

Bharuch has the highest banana of 9 lakh tonnes. 8 lakh tons of bananas are grown in Anand, 6 lakh tons in Surat and Narmada.