Fear of spread of carotid in 7 zoos in Gujarat, danger is on the rise

The government of India has also issued a consultation to all zoos in Gujarat after news of a tiger infection in New York infected with the corona virus. According to the report, a statement issued by the Central Zoo Authority of India states that “zoos all over the country have been advised by CCTV to monitor animals 24/7 for any symptoms, abnormal behavior. A high alert has been issued in New York’s Bronx Zoo after a coronary virus infection caused by a tiger.

The Indian government has also advised the zoo after the outbreak of a tiger infection. These include Sayaji Bagh of Vadodara, Zoo of Junagadh, Kamala Nehru of Ahmedabad, Sakkarbagh of Junagadh, Paduman of Rajkot, Aji Dam of Rajkot, new zoo of Narmada district.

The global pandemic corona virus has so far killed more than 60,000 people. In India too, the number of people infected with the virus is increasing day by day. The virus was previously confirmed in Belgian pet cats and 2 pet dogs in Hong Kong.

According to a BBC report, the female tiger at the Bronx Zoo is positive with the Nadia Corona virus. Female hair has been infected by tests conducted by the Iowa-based National Veterinary Service Lab. According to the news, besides Nadia, her sister Azul, two other tigers and three African lions have been found to have dry cough. Zoo officials speculate that the employee has been infected.

The infection is likely to spread to monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees. However, according to a report by the World Animal Health Organization, there is no evidence that infected animals can spread the infection to more animals by themselves. In addition to Nadia in the Bronx Zoo, there are ticks, but no disease symptoms have been reported.