No irrigation from Narmada dam canal in summer, Narmada no lifeline

Dilip Patel, 5 June 2022

The Department of Agriculture has released the final report of summer planting. Out of 1.10 lakh hectares of land in the state, final planting in 11.25 lakh hectares has been declared in summer. These include irrigation through Narmada, wells, lakes, other dams and boreholes.

Irrigation from Narmada canal was banned in summer. So in fact irrigation could not be done from Narmada canal. This has been going on since the Narmada was closed. Before summer, the government wastes water of Narmada by releasing water in lakes and rivers. Therefore Narmada cannot be irrigated in summer.

18 lakh hectares were to be irrigated from Narmada canal in summer. But at present only 1 lakh hectare area can be considered generously irrigated by Narmada water.

This means that if Narmada Dam irrigates in summer and winter. In monsoon, it rains everywhere. Therefore Narmada canal has less benefit in monsoon. The real product of Narmada canal can be found in winter and summer.

Plantation in summer in districts where Narmada water is scarce

Patan 20100

Mehsana 40000

Gandhinagar 23100

Ahmedabad 37900

Vadodara 25600

Ocean 17300

Surendranagar 30800

Botad 7600

Bharuch 8400

Total 4,21,600

Summer sowing has been done in 11.25 lakh hectares in the state. In the districts where Narmada canal flows, the total area under cultivation is 4.12 lakh hectares. This includes Narmada, other dams, wells or bore based irrigation.

The state now has 50 percent underground irrigation. This saves 2.06 lakh hectares. As far as irrigation from other dams is concerned, 1.50 lakh hectares of irrigation is left. This literally means that no more than 1 lakh hectares are irrigated on the basis of Narmada canal.

Most of the irrigation of Narmada canal is done in Surendranagar district. Where cultivation is done in 30 thousand hectares. Irrigation of more than 15 thousand hectares is not based on Narmada if 50% of wells are irrigated.

Sun- Planted in 47.45 lakh hectares in winter. The government has not released any data on the amount of Narmada based irrigation. But experts believe that it does not exceed 4 lakh hectares. It is estimated that a total area of ​​4 lakh hectares will be irrigated from Narmada. The government claims that 11 lakh hectares are being irrigated.

But summer irrigation is the only true irrigation. In which Narmada dam is not succeeding. Narmada Dam is successful in providing drinking water and water to industries.