Who failed? Modi did not give land rights to 14 thousand people but Bhupendra Patel did

Gandhinagar, 7 May 2023
Kutch Collector Amit Arora said that the question of ownership of houses built for the affected people after the earthquake would be resolved in 2022 under a special provision made by the Revenue Department and a total of 14,000 beneficiaries would be given sanads and sanads. Property Card. Sanad and property cards were distributed after 22 years.


During the first government of former chief ministers Narendra Modi, Anandiben Patel, Vijay Rupani and Bhupendra Patel, during the 2001 Kutch earthquake, no one got sanad for 22 years, but 10,000 earthquake-affected beneficiaries from 72 villages have been given sanad. Along with this, an atmosphere of happiness has been created by distributing property cards to 3300 beneficiaries of the rehabilitation site of Bhuj. This was a huge failure of Modi.

Sanad was handed over to 10 thousand earthquake affected beneficiaries of 72 villages of Kutch. Rehabilitation work was done in 2001 Gojara earthquake. At that time, a new rehabilitation wing was formed and people got houses, but they did not get the charter for 22 years, today 14,000 charters have been prepared.

Out of which Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel handed over tokens to 20 beneficiaries. Certificates were distributed to 10,000 earthquake affected beneficiaries of 72 villages in Kutch and property cards were distributed to 3300 beneficiaries of the rehabilitation site in Bhuj. After the devastating earthquake that struck the Kutch district in 2001, several large-scale residential buildings collapsed, and campaigns were launched to provide housing facilities to the people.

The village floors of the villages settled by the organizations have been named, but no charter has been given. The Taluka Development Officer has to issue the sanad till the owner of the building collects the cost of possession. In cases where privately owned land had not been converted to non-cultivation, the process of granting house ownership rights was initiated after obtaining voluntary resignations from landowners who had relinquished their rights.

In the villages where institutions have built houses but the process of land acquisition has not been completed, voluntary resignation will be obtained from the land owners handing over their rights to the government, after that the certificate of that house will be given to the concerned. . its owner or occupier. In some cases, the institutions have built houses for the victims on government barren land, in which the process of naming the village will be done, after completion of which the ownership of the house will be given.

The government has taken an in-principle decision to give revenue status to houses. 5/5 on one such tweet by Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel on his personal account and deleted it in no time. Due to which arguments were spread. On the 20th day of this incident, the Revenue Department issued a standard circular. Jay

More than 700 houses were built by the campaign organization at the GIDC temporary housing in Bhuj at that time.

The opposition raised questions on the issue of giving charter to plot holders on new terms even after 22 years to Kutch earthquake victims. According to VK Hubal, the then opposition leader of the district panchayat, after the Kutch earthquake, the organizations made a written submission to former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on the issue of giving possession of resettled villages as village floors and building plots. Due to which action was taken by Revenue Minister Rajendra Trivedi to hand over the possession of the houses. Recently, the Chief Minister had given Sanad to the earthquake victims. Of course there are many flaws in this. If the plot is allotted on new terms, if there is any change in it, the approval of the Government will be necessary. The troubles of earthquake victims will increase. The land on which earthquake victims have built houses. The land is not bought by the government but by the organization or the beneficiaries. Which could not be cultivated. Although this land does not belong to the government, the possession of the plot has not been given as per the old condition. Therefore, the wording of the new condition should be deleted immediately and the heading on the old condition should be deleted. The plots allotted by the government are also converted on old terms without premium for 20 years. So why are the Bhunkappa victims not being given plots even after 22 years on the old terms.