Explosion against Rupani in Deputy Chief Minister’s meeting

Dhanan ni Dhamal 5

Ahmedabad, 21 May 2020

The matter came to light when a meeting of senior officials was held at the Civil Hospital complex in Ahmedabad under the chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, in which a written representation was made by the civil doctors.

It was stated that the expected results of Dhaman-1 and AGVA ventilators could not be obtained in patients with Kovid-19. Therefore, a total of 100 high-end ICU ventilators are required, 50 for the 1200-bed Kovid Hospital in Civil and 50 for Kidney Hospital.

Protecting patients with Rajkot-made blower ventilators is not easy. It was said in the meeting.

The medical superintendent of the civil hospital wrote a letter on 15 May informing that the Dhaman-1 ventilator does not give the expected results in patients with Kovid-19, so 100 ventilators should be allocated.

However, Health Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel reached the Civil Hospital and in his presence the doctors revealed about Parakram Singh Jadeja of Jyoti CNC, Rajkot’s friend of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Then Rupani’s chair was shaken.