Free foodgrains were provided to 66 lakh families in Gujarat in 4 days

Gandhinagar, 5 April 2020

Out of the 66 lakh families having Antyodaya-PH ration card in the state of Gujarat, more than 90 percent of the 59 lakh families were given free grains in four days from April 1 to April 4, 2020. Now, grain distribution will be distributed free of cost to poor families without ration cards.

3.4 million poor families receiving salt and sugar under NFSA from 17 thousand cheap cereal shops will also be provided with sufficient wheat, rice and pulses in April.

Ashwini Kumar said that 47.11 lakh liters of milk was distributed in the state on Saturday. 88 thousand quintals of vegetables have come into the market. Potatoes include 27311 quintals, onion 19040 quintals, tomatoes 8731 quintals, other greenish 32627 quintals, fruit fruit 11559 quintals, apple 400 quintals, bananas 1139 quintals, other fruits 10,019 quintals.

Against this, 50 lakh kg of milk, vegetables, fruits were provided in the cities APMC. There are 300 million people living in cities in Gujarat. 400 grams per capita. If all the population is distributed then 180 grams of vegetables and fruit. 76 ml of milk Has taken

With the help of voluntary organizations, food for 36 lakh people has been provided to the elderly, helpless and lonely people.

Helpline 1070 launched by the state government and Helpline 1 of the district has received 19501 calls so far. So far 2.35 lakh passes have also been issued to small businessmen, Fariais for the sale of essential services personnel as well as life necessities.