projects to build 24 Hydraulic Storage Structure Check-dams

CM approves projects to build 24 Hydraulic Storage Structure Check-dams, at a cost of Rs. 26-Cr, in Dangs Dist

 Ahmedabad: With a view to provide large scale irrigation facilities to the tribal farmers located in the interior areas of Dangs District in South Gujarat, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani today granted permission, in principle, to build as many as 24 major Hydraulic Storage Structure Check-Dams (HSSCDs) over the four major rivers and their distributary branches at a total cost of Rs. 26-crore.

These HSSCDs would be built over the four major rivers – Purna, Gira, Khapari, and Ambika and their branches at 24 villages of Ahwa, Subir, and Vadhai tehsils of Dangs district, an official release from Gandhinagar said here.

It should be noted that due to hilly and sloppy geographical conditions of the Dangs district, it is not possible to store rain water or recharge the underground water resources which has resulted into the depleting of underground water levels.  Beside these, due to geographical condition it is not possible to build the bigger dam projects in the Dangs district.

Because of this, Mr. Rupani had instructed the officials of the concerned department to make spot visit of such places in the Dangs district, following which a report on the possible possibilities to carry out the works was submit to the Chief Minister, who finally approved it.

Accordingly, 10 check-dam Hydraulic Structures, at a cost of Rs. 1070.87-lakh, would be built on Ambika and Khapari Rivers and their distributary branches at  Aheradi, Humbapada, Boredahad, Shivarimal, Cheerapada, and Supadahad villages of Vadhai tehsil and Bilmal, Don, Pandava, and Vaki (Umariya) villages of Ahwa tehsil.

In addition to these, another 14 Hydraulic Structure Check-Dams would be built at a cost of Rs. 1603.16 Lakh on Purna, Gira, and Khapari Rivers and their branches at KhopariAamba, Vankan, Kalibel, and Pandharmal villages in Vadhai tehsils and Harpada, Garakhadi, Dumarya, Katish, and Dhuldha villages of Subir tehsils and Dhavlidaud and Nanadanpade villages of Ahwa tehsil.

On completion of these projects, because of good storages capacity of rain-waters then the farmers of the Dangs would get irrigation facilities resulting into enhance their ability to take crop during the summer season too and increase their farm produces, which ultimately will improve their financial condition.

In addition to these, due to these check-dams the farmers would be able to save their crops from the damages caused by the uncertain rain waters and would also be able to resolve the drinking water problems for their animals. Above all these, the farmers would also get irrigation facilities due to recharging and rising of underground water levels caused by these check-dams.