From Tata Nano, all the important projects failed in Gujarat to Narendra Modi, one more Ro Ro Ferry

Ahmedabad, 5 July 2020

From Tata Nano to Narendra Modi, all the important projects he started in Gujarat failed. Now, after conducting an indiscriminate turnover of Rs 600 crore, the Roro ferry service between Bhavnagar Dahej will have to be stopped. The Roro Ferry service, which started in 2017, has been staggering since the beginning. The last project started by Narendra Modi has also failed in this way.

The state government is considering awarding a contract to Adani under a plan to provide a loss of Rs 600 crore. Now this project will be handed over to Modi’s friend. Adani will now run Ro Ro Ferry at Ghogha for Rs 1 per month. So who will bear the loss of 600 crores spent on the project? Adani, Rupani or Modi?

After the 2001 elections, the BJP took the Bhavnagar ferry service out of the bag and rigged the election. Before making a plan, check its success and when told that making this plan will not work. Congress spokesperson Manhar Patel said that despite the viability report being negative. Took legal action against the chief ministers or decision-makers responsible for the loss of Rs 600 crore of the state government, due to an administratively irregular decision to applaud the people of Bhavnagar. If a citizen of Gujarat is jailed for causing minor damage to government property, action should be taken against the politician or officer responsible for the loss of Rs 600 crore. He demanded that the state government announce an administrative agreement with Adani.

Although the foundation has been laid since 2012, no location

The foundation stone of Dahej-Ghogha Ro-Ro Ferry was laid on 25 January 2012 by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. The Ghogha-Dahej Ro-Ro Ferry Project, which was the CM of PM Modi Gujarat, was being prepared by the Central Government at the time. The discussion was held at Deendayal Port Trust (DPT) to prepare Hazira Port Jetty.

Jetty in Hazira

GMB will provide land to build the jetty at Hazira. DPT has also filed its tender. Captain Devendra Manral, CEO of Indigo Sews, says nothing but Ro-Ro Ferry from March 21, 2020. The ship currently used for Dahej-Ghogha Ro-Ro Ferry has been put up for sale by the company. A ship called Jade Island was purchased. In which only passengers could board.

The project failed because there was no deep sea

The tender to construct the jetty at Hazira was to be floated. Even earlier, Hazira was considered more suitable than dowry. The sea at Dowry and Ghogha was not deep, as it was difficult to navigate.

Sea sand was entering the boat’s engine. Hence the boat is badly damaged. This often led to the closure of the Ro-Ro ferry for days.

very expensive

After the Gujarat government failed, it decided to hand over Modi’s dream project to the central government. The Gujarat Maritime Board had made several attempts to keep the Ro-Ro ferry operational, but GMB could not afford it as it was expensive.

300 crore project for 1 thousand crore

Surat-based Indigo Sews Private Limited, which operates Ro-Ro Ferry, could not operate the boat. The Gujarat state-owned Gujarat Maritime Board is working to move sand or mud to maintain proper depth at sea. The government has spent another huge amount of crores behind it. Therefore, if all the expenses of the ferry till now are taken into consideration, the source of the board believes that Rs.1000-1000 crore has been spent on it. Both the Dahej and Ghogha terminals have spent Rs 100 crore for sand extraction to provide proper depth for the ghat. About 8 lakh cubic meters of dredging were to be done at a cost of Rs 18 crore. Which is Rs 100 crore. The initial investment figure for the project was about Rs 296 crore, which has crossed Rs 500 crore today. From the port of Dover in Britain. And the project is designed after ferry service between France.

Modi sat down and closed the project

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Ro Ro yacht aboard the same ship. The company has advertised in the newspaper to sell the ship. The company is making huge losses. Therefore, Congress has also accused the Rs 700 crore project of failure due to the negligence of the government. The Ro-Ro ferry service launched in 2017 was discontinued due to a depth of five meters at sea. Modi described the project as the largest not only in India but in South Asia. At this point, Modi gave the slogan of the world’s best economist Manmohan Singh to thwart the UPA government, but Modi has in fact failed in Asia’s biggest project. He also fooled people by telling them to take the ship to Mumbai.

10 things about Ghogha-Dowry Ro-Ro Ferry

1 is a project on the Gulf of Khambhat connecting two industrial cities – Bhavnagar and Dahej.

2 Decreases 360 km, Its eight-hour journey can cover a distance of 31 kilometers in less than two hours.

3 The ticket price for 1 passengers was Rs.200.

4 mV The J Sophia boat delivered 300 passengers in two hours and the Island Z boat carried 239 passengers in 1 hour 30 minutes.

5  70-80 vehicles, about 100 cars, 500 passengers were to be taken together.

6 Khambhat Everyday 12 to 20 thousand people arrive in West Gujarat by vehicles.

The Ro-Ro ferry service carried 3.44 lakh passengers in 10 months. 11000 trucks, 50,000 four-wheel vehicles, 25000 two-wheel vehicles, and 7000 Odysseus vehicles were transported. Accidents were reduced, diesel, petrol, time saved. It is planned to meet the ship every hour.

The time has come to discontinue the Ro-Ro ferry service, showing negligence in the dredging question. The dredging was contracted for 24 hours, 365 days. If a mass-oriented decision is taken instead of a political decision, the bridge between Bhavnagar and Surat will be restored.

Tickets and prices


400.VIP Class

800 forewheel price

300 passengers. business class

400 passengers. Vip class

Rate of 150 scooters

The fare of 7000 buses including 36 passenger drivers, was going for a cleaner fee.

Rent of 4500 trucks out of which 125 tonnes are separated.

What did Modi say and what happened

PM Modi said in Vadodara on October 22, 2017, that so far many governments have come and gone and no one has done anything. Good deeds are written in my destiny. There was a saying that the bride of Lanka and the bride of Ghogha. Now is the time to bring back the old glorious days. The 7-hour journey from Roro Ferry will be completed in 1 hour. Transportation by water will be cheaper. Every day 12 thousand people travel from Saurashtra. Everyday 5 thousand vehicles run on the road. PM Modi said that this will save time and petrol. It will also have an impact on Delhi and Mumbai roads.

This is the first major project of India and South Asia: PM Modi

When I was younger, I used to hear about Ghogha Roro Ferry.

Good luck in my destiny

How many governments have come and gone and no one has worked