Krishna’s Dwarka injustice to farmers , government is forcibly constructing national highway

Dwarka, 6 July 2020
Deoria-Kuranga-Dwarka National Highway Project has been built. Many deficiencies in the operation of the project have been faced by government departments, but despite complaints in writing, it has not been rectified. There is a hurry to acquire farmers’ land at a nominal cost. The farmers are not at all opposed to the road project. But farmers are protesting with the demand for a fair price for the land. Farmer leader Palbhai Ambalia +91 99242 52499 said this.

On July 6, 2020, farmers will demonstrate at the Patiya of Hansrajpur, Dwarka Highway, District Devbhumi Dwarka, from 10 am onwards. The valuable land of the farmers is being taken away from the farmers like the terrorists or outsiders by the government. The reason for negligent operation so far has been the demand for action against the officer concerned.

Our land, newspaper advertisements, various different notices, measurement seats, JMS And the name of the farmer shown in the award, survey number, there is no mileage of the area to be matched. Serious mistakes have been made to work on the highway. Major injustice has been done to the farmers. Farmer leader Palbhai Ambalia had filed a complaint with the state and central authorities.

What is the project
The two-lane highway from Devaliya village in Khambhalia taluka of Devbhumi Dwarka district to Kuranga village in Dwarka taluka was recently announced by the government to build a four-lane. Rs 1,100 crore has been allocated to construct this 172-km four-lane national highway.
There will be an overbridge across the road from the marketing yard of Reliance Yard to the bridge, about a kilometer away. Here a second overbridge will be built near the Dalwadi Hotel on the way to the District Collector Office on Dharampur Road.
Raw huts and bushes have also been removed. Work will be completed in about 30 months.

Four laning with paved shoulder of Porbandar – Dwarka section of NH-8E (Ext.) from km 356.766 (Design Chainage km 379.100) to km 473.000 (Design Chainage km 496.848) in the State of Gujarat through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) on Hybrid (Annuity) mode for a Total Project length of 117.75 Kms and a contract value of Rs 1600 Crores.
Four Laning of Dwarka-Khambaliya-Dewaria Section from Km 203.500 to 176.500 and from Km 171.800 to 125.000 of NH 151 A in the state of Gujarat under Bharatmala Pariyojna(Package 1) on Hybrid Annuity Mode and a contract value of 1101 crores.

Economic loss to farmers
Earlier also there were mistakes in land acquisition. Similarly, farmers whose land has been cut in this road have suffered huge financial losses due to mistakes made in the award. The jatis of nearby villages have not been taken into account in determining the prices of land. The prices are not fixed the same way on Dharampur Khambhaliya, Danta, and Bhatia based on Bamansa.

Land award false
The government often takes effective jatras for village land awards. It gives reasonable prices. So that the farmer gets a proper return of his land. Documentation carried out in the surrounding areas takes into account the highest prices. Here the average minister is considered to give the award. Only sub-registrar documents are considered. Buying and selling with the government goes unnoticed. The District Land Pricing Committee has been ignored. When the government deals with the land, many factors are ignored.

Location parameters are ignored
An important reason for considering the 12 to 14 percent increase in location parameters at the award is not noted. The crops grown on farmers’ fields have not been compensated. There is an error in the calculation of annual interest. Palbhai Ambaliya introduced National Highway Authority Officer, Land Acquisition Officer Dwarka, Chief Minister, Leader of Opposition. There was a spate of awards for highway construction over the injustice being done to the farmers.

Work resumed despite protests
Work on the four-lane highway, which began on February 8, 2020, was temporarily halted due to the coronavirus epidemic. Four-lane operation G. R. Infra. Is assigned to a company called Project. Construction has begun on the land acquired by them with the help of modern machinery. Which farmers are opposing.

What are the mistakes?
1 This way. S. has been done and a land measuring seat has been prepared. Not all government records match. Government records and actual location conditions are not compatible with each other.
2 There are deductible farm land measurement errors.
3 Notices differ in name, ownership, region.
4 The names in the Gazette and the notice differ.
5 The areas declared in the Gazette and the areas indicated in the information differ.
6 The survey numbers published in the Gazette and the survey numbers published in the notice vary.
7 shows notices showing privately owned land to be government cost or waste and government cost or privately owned land.
8 The land of one farmer in the name of another and the land of another in the name of another is shown in the notice.
10 Gazette, newspaper advertisements, newspaper notices and actual location conditions are not compatible with each other.
11 farmers whose land is road touch, farmers whose land went into road cutting were not even given notice.
Notice has been given to 12 farmers, whose land is not road touch, does not go into road cuts.
13 irrigated lands are shown as non-irrigated.
The old maps of 14 villages are not compatible with each other.
The trees owned by 15 farmers have been shown to belong to the forest.
16 of the law of cutting over 5000 trees.

G R Infrastructure company

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