Garba will be allowed to make people happy despite Corona, Organizers prepared a guide-line

On August 30, the new guideline of the Gujarat government will explain how Navratri will be celebrated. Time will tell which issues will be important in this guideline. But before the guideline, Thanganat is being seen among Ahmedabadi players. On the other hand, a guideline is being prepared by the organizers in which the ground will be sanitized for the players.

The players will get 30% more than the ground capacity. A sanitizer tunnel will be set up at the entry gate and the Dhanvantari chariot of the corporation will be on the ground. Along with this, masks and sanitizers will be given to the players. All these suggestions have also been given to the Chief Minister by the Garba organizers of Gujarat. Talking about this, organizer Grishma Trivedi said that if Navratri is closed due to Corona, it will have the biggest impact on many common people.

With all the preparations, the organizers and players of Ahmedabad are ready for Navratri when they are earning only in the special Navratri with light sound and decoration. It is certain that Navratri will not take place in the containment zone but apart from the containment zone, how to do Navratri in an old and well-known place will also be an important issue.