Gaubhakta BJP sold Gauchar of 2300 villages in Gujarat and gave it to industries like Adani

Dilip Patel, Gandhinagar, 1 April 2022

In the Atharva Veda it is said that ‘Matrubhumi’:, sons Aham Prithvi: that is, Bhumi is my mother and I am his son. Motherland (Motherland). Tribute to the motherland. Mother Earth is the mainstay of our existence, sustaining us. That is why the Veda goes on to say – “Upar serp mataram bhumim” – O men, serve the motherland. It is also said in Valmiki Ramayana that ‘Janani Janmabhoomishch Swargadapi Gariyasi’ means mother’s place and place of birth is above heaven.

Gujarat BJP has sold Gauchar industries in Gujarat in 28 years. Who agitates to save the cow mother. Playing politics in the name of cows. Takes votes by inciting the spirit of Hindus. Former Chief Ministers of Gujarat Narendra Modi, Anandiben Patel, Vijay Rupani, Bhupendra Patel have killed the land of cows. Those who talk about Hindu Raksha and Gai Raksha. Modi is most responsible for this.

Protecting, protecting and honoring the precious gems of nature is not only our duty but also our moral duty. On the contrary, humans have begun to exploit the earth for their own selfish ends.

In it, lands where political parties worship cows have been sold in large numbers in 28 years. Where cows used to graze. 28 years ago there were 700 villages where Gauchar was not. Today there are 2800 villages where Gaurach is not.

Statistics show that under favorable conditions it takes about 800 years to build an inch thick soil layer, while cities, industries, agriculture, rain, storms and water take a few moments to uproot an inch of land. Together concrete efforts should be made to maintain the land.

Although it is standard to have 40 acres of Gauchar per 100 cows, Gauchar is less in 9029 villages in Gujarat. 2800 villages do not have Gauchar at all. The highest number of Gauchars is less than the minimum Gauchar in 1165 villages in Banaskantha district.

There is no gauchar at all in 20 villages in Valsad district. Cows or cattle cannot go to graze because of lack of grazing. BJP and RSS have been agitating to save Gaumata and Gauvansh. Guy does politics in elections. But Gaucher is not raised. Millions of square meters of Gauchar land in 50 villages are sold to industrialists every year.