Rupani’s failure in administration is burning human life in fire

Ahmedabad, 28 November 2020
The Chief Minister’s home town Rajakot city, has killed five Covid patients in Hospital in a day before Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Gujarat to inspect the Kovid vaccine company. Therefore, there is a lot of anger in Gujarat against BJP leaders Narendra Modi and Vijay Rupani. It is noteworthy that in 3 months 13 people have burnt to ashes due to fire in 7 hospitals.

In Gujarat, 13 patients have died in seven incidents of fire in Kovid’s hospitals in the last three months. An investigation has been ordered by the Rupani government of BJP after each tragedy. Which is on paper. Not a single incident has been reported yet. The government survives by paying Rs 4 lakh to the deceased. These include Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara and Jamnagar.

Despite 7 consecutive fires in Gujarat’s Kovid Hospital, the corrupt BJP government is not taking any action. The corrupt policies of the BJP government are responsible for the death of innocent people.

Administrators who run the Kovid Center by renting Uday Shivanand Hospital in Rajkot are allies of the BJP government. BJP is the owner of the Ahmedabad incident. Then the truth in the whole tragedy will not be revealed in the investigation. Like the previous Ahmedabad tragedy, investigations against those responsible for loss of life and property will be intensified.

In the case of Shreya Hospital, the government has ordered Additional Chief Secretary (Home Department) Sangeeta Singh and Additional Chief Secretary (Urban Development) to submit the report within three days.

S.S.G. The report of the appointed inquiry committee regarding the cause of the fire has not been released at the time of the fire in the hospital Vadodara. S.S.G. Despite the primary cause of a short circuit in the blower ventilator behind the fire incident in the hospital Vadodara, to date the FSL. And the report has not been released by the committee. The BJP government is giving protection to criminals.

Rupani has been heavily criticized by the Gujarat High Court. Nevertheless, the fire safety rules of the state government are being ignored. Rupani are burning human life in fire. Has allowed human life to be endangered. So incidents are coming one after the other.

The state does not follow the ideal for recognition as a prestigious center.
With the approval of the Kovid Center, the government has set the rules. Rules have not been enacted to allow commercial hospitals to earn lakhs of rupees. Similarly, Dr. of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee. Manish Doshi attacked BJP’s failed government of Vijay Rupani.

7 fire accidents

Five people died and 33 patients died in the fire at Uday Shivanand Hospital in Radkot.

Patients were put in trouble at the Kovid Hospital in Ahmedabad.

The patients were rushed to Kovid Gandhi Hospital in Surendranagar.

SSG of Vadodara In the hospital, 150 patients were admitted to the hospital.

Patients including mothers and children were in trouble at Hadiyol Primary Center in Himatnagar.

GG of Jamnagar Nine patients were admitted to hospital in critical condition.

The patients were in critical condition at Bodeli Kovid Hospital in Chhodaipur.

Eight patients died and more than 12 were injured at Shreya Hospital in Ahmedabad.