Good news for the farmers of this state ! 512 crore rupees package released by the government

new Delhi, 15 May, 2020

The Karnataka government on Friday announced the third economic package of about 512 crore rupees (Announced Economic Stimulus Package) in which the farmers growing maize were given relief and the ASHA workers who were getting rid of Kovid-19 were also given incentives.

Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa said that about five lakh rupees will be given to one million maize farmers, while recognized social health workers (ASHAs) will be given incentives of three to three thousand rupees through cooperative institutions.

He told reporters here that about one million maize farmers are suffering because they are not getting a fair price, so I have decided to give relief of five thousand rupees to every farmer, it is a commitment of about 500 crores.

Asha worker will get three thousand rupees
He said that there are about 40, 250 Asha workers in the state, and each will get three thousand rupees which is about 12.50 crores. He said that even though the state’s financial condition is not good, we have announced a financial package for the problematic people. The first package is Rs 1610 crore, the second is Rs 162 crore and now it is the third package.

Yeddyurappa-led BJP government had on Thursday announced a relief package of Rs 162 crore to farmers and weavers growing vegetable and fruit due to the ongoing lockdown due to Kovid-19.